Province VII Youth Coordinator Gathering

For the past two days I’ve been hanging out in downtown Houston with seven other youth workers from four other diocese. It’s been fun and exhausting! We started without having a defined agenda, just knowing that when we get together, we usually talk about great things. After a day and a half of meeting, my mind is swimming with new ideas and things I can’t wait to implement in Kansas!

Some of what we’ve covered:

  • Ways to encourage youth ministry in small or rural congregations.
  • How to build structures to support youth ministry in a parish.
  • Free, easy ways to create awesomely graphic-designed posters, postcards, memes, etc. (
  • How to honor graduating seniors
  • Cell phone policies and practices, the successes and pittfalls
  • Diocesan policies and procedures for online forms and payment
  • The Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) discernment process for delegates and adults and travel options
  • How each diocese structures Diocesan Youth Commission and how people are selected for those commissions
  • Crazy activities and games that we can do at youth group or youth events

I’m sure I will be sharing much of what I’ve learned with the Youth Workers in Kansas. We hope to continue to gather once or twice a year to share ideas and support each other in ministry. The Episcopal Diocese of Texas has been a great host and I am very appreciate of the time and resources it took to be here.

Province VII Youth Coordinators

Front Row: Randall Curtis (Arkansas), Kim Snodgrass (West Missouri), Matt Blank (Texas), The Rev. Amy Haynie (Fort Worth), Corrie Cabes (Fort Worth) Back Row: Josh Trader (West Missouri), Karen Schlabach (Kansas), Renee Haney (Northwest Texas)



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