Hello from Happening!

Here’s an update about what we’ve been up to. The first night we play games and spend some time getting to know one another. We had fruit, cheese, and crackers for a snack. We talked about reality and who we are on the inside and outside. Olivia (the youth rector) read “I will love you forever” as our bedtime story and then we did Compline together.

Breakfast was cinnamon rolls (my favorite!), fruit, yogurt, and cereal. We heard people talk about faith and Jesus. For lunch with had a taco bar and cake! We sang a bunch after lunch, and now the youth are going through a tactile Stations of the Cross experience. The surprises and more excitement are about to start!

I collected some reflections from the youth on their experience so far:

  • This was my first time at a youth event here in the Diocese of Kansas. I was welcomed in open arms and have truly seen God’s grace and love work through some of these wonderful people.
  • Happening has been awesome so far! Just like every other youth event, everyone here is accepted and loved. I’m not actually Episcopalian; my friend brought me to my first youth event in sixth grade, and I’ve been coming back ever since. Youth events like this have changed my faith and have brought me tons of amazing new relationships with other believers my age.
  • My favorite part of this youth event has been family time because we discuss what we think about stuff. It just makes you want to speak and share what you think.
  • I like the food because it’s good and the singing because the lyrics are really good and the sound of the guitar is beautiful. I like that everyone has to go up front and share because it helps me not be shy.

Hopefully I will post more tomorrow!

~Karen Schlabach, Youth Missioner


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