Miqra — Sunday Morning

It’s early Sunday morning at Miqra and we’re all walking around in half-asleep states. 🙂 Day 1 was pretty great. We heard from Rob Baldwin to use the New Testament as a roadmpa for our travels. We heard from Kelly Demo about the factual, historical Jesus compared to the true Jesus that we know and have faith in. She explained the statement, “Everything in the Bible is True, but not everything is Factual.” Then our “Apostle Groups” came up with modern-day parables, our favorite at Senior High was “The Kingdom of Heaven is like Camp Wood,” because everyone can be themselves and be accepted for who they are. Junior students and staff wrote some tweets for @EDOK_Youth.

We attended workshops at both locations on the Jesus’s view of Women and women today, 1 Timothy, God speaking to us through the New Testament, The Gospels and the Gospel writers, sharing our faith like Jesus did, and the Beatitudes. Whew! Lots of learning happened so far! We have more workshops today, and the Bishop is coming to speak to the youth. The Junior High played a pirate scavenger hunt game and saved ghost princess Annabelle. Senior High did Karaoke, played board games and played Ultimate Basketball. We closed the night with some contemplative singing and Compline.

Senior High youth Helena Howell said her favorite part of Miqra so far has been the meals. 🙂 Something she’s learned is that when Jesus was crucified and the Bible says it got dark, there’s historical evidence that there was a solar eclipse that year! Laurie Bush said her favorite thing about Miqra so far is hanging out with her friends, and Grace Horton-Smith said her favorite part was the Airplane Blitz game the youth played in Nave. They both agreed that some time spent just listening to the reading was relaxing. Senior High Youth Michael Shields is excited about taking two new games home to his local youth group at Good Shepherd.

The senior high group is streaming at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/diocese-of-kansas-youth (although it’s down temporarily during worship this morning…we hope to broadcast Grace Horton-Smith giving the sermon!). #Miqra2014


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