Tuesday night at camp

It’s been a great start to the week so far. It’s hot, and windy, but we’re having a great time.

Monday morning everyone was up bright and early. We listen to music on the quad starting at 7 am each day and then do a Daily Devotion In the Morning from the Book of Common Prayer before breakfast. This year we also started playing music in the dining hall at breakfast. Everyone was singing along to the upbeat songs and having a great time. The staff planned and executed a flash mob during breakfast the first day and surprised all the campers.

The Bishop was able to join us after lunch on Monday and participate in Elementary program time learning about Grace. The kids did a three-legged relay race as a physical demonstration of having grace with one another.

The Junior High students are decorating “grace boxes” all through program this week. Each box is represents God’s gift to us through his Grace. Several staff members have shared their personal experiences with grace and how it’s affected their faith journey.

Monday worship for Elementary and Junior High students included a walking tour of camp where they did a “house blessing” for the various parts of camp….including the place where we meet for worship, the dining hall, and the cabins and tents. Students sung as they paraded from location to location.

Monday night was full of activity. The Elementary kiddos had a beach party (complete with music), Junior High played Gold Rush, and Senior High played “Amazing (G)Race” in the quad and toilet tag.

Tuesday morning is always a little more somber and it takes a bit longer for folks to wake up.

The Bishop was back again and the Deans of three of the Convocations were here, too. They had lunch with us and met for a while. We also celebrated several camp birthdays during lunch. The Bishop joined in for music practice with the junior and senior high musicians this afternoon and they had a grand time.

During program this morning, Senior High camper Lachlan Munro talked about a time when he felt judged. Special guest Danette Friedel talked about her experience with judgment and grace from her recent visit to Mother Theresa’s convent in New York. There were hard questions asked during senior high program this morning about judging others and what that does to our relationships with other people and with God.

Tuesday worship for Senior High included a large labyrinth and several prayer stations. Students were invited to pray for people all over the US and the world, with a map as a visual representation of our prayers. Elementary and Junior High students did a lot of singing for their worship and even learned a new song.

Tuesday night is movie night for Junior High (they are watching Frozen) and Senior High (they are watching Forrest Gump). It’s Elementary’s turn to play Gold Rush. Two counselors are majorly decked out in camouflage and face paint. We also have fresh popped popcorn for everyone on movie night, so that’s a fun treat.

Hopefully I will be able to post again soon!

~Karen Schlabach


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