It’s Thursday morning at camp…

Wednesday we continued our journey learning about grace. It was also “Wonder Woman Wednesday” so several staff were in super-hero costumes, included Wonder Woman, Thor, Josie and the Pussycats, and lots of capes and themed t-shirts.

Elementary focused on “What do you do if other’s don’t show Grace?” They had a “snowball fight” (with newspapers) to demonstrate how we try to throw our sins onto others, but that doesn’t get rid of them, it just moves them around. They closed program with a community prayer, with everyone’s hands on each other’s shoulders as “one body.”

Junior High tie-dyed bandannas in their family groups and are working on music videos as a group. It’s all about having grace with ourselves as we complete these unique projects. Junior high students also held elections for two new representatives to the Youth Commission. About 10 people stood for election, but Alex Baldwin and Eliana Seidner won the (very close) election and will join the Diocesan Youth Commission this year.

Senior High had a water balloon fight during program. They had each camper pick up a water balloon and think about the community sins of camp. They asked the campers to decide whether they’d throw the water balloon at their counselor as punishment for the sins of camp, or whether they’d show grace. Three campers threw their balloons at Drew Vining (the program director) but everyone else dropped their water balloons on the ground and showed grace. Then they pulled out all the extra water balloons and had an all-camp water balloon fight.

The camp community was saddened to learn Wednesday afternoon that Teresa Rogers, long-time camp volunteer and youth minister at St. Stephens in Wichita had been in a car accident and wouldn’t be able to visit us at camp. We prayed for her and sang a song to send to her on video. We are happy to report that she has no broken bones and is recovering well today.

Wednesday evening was jam-packed full of fun activities. Elementary students played counselor hunt. Junior High students had “winter Olympics” complete with the parade of family groups and flags, ice dancing, snow Pictionary, and a snowball fight. Senior high students competed in the cardboard-boat regatta on the lake (yes, they build boats out of cardboard and duct tape and race them on the lake). All three groups got to have their own camp fire and s’mores.

Wednesday is also the night for “Mega Eucharist.” The Bishop presided at a service in the amphitheater on High-Y with assistance from our three chaplains: Stephanie Jenkins, Chris Arnold, and Patrick Funston. Communion at camp has the benefit of fresh-baked homemade communion bread prepared by Stephanie. The sun set in the middle of the service, the singing was beautiful, and many of us felt centered and at peace.

Thursday morning, a big storm was headed our way early in the morning. Camp Wood staff heard about it on their weather radios and relocated the campers in the Tents to Jones Lodge at about 5:30 am. We got a lot of rain and some thunder and lightning, but fortunately the hail that was anticipated passed us by. A few sleeping bags are wet, but we’re drying everything out and it’s all a-okay. Two adult staff decided to take advantage of the rains and shower outside (in their bathing suits). It was cold, but effective.

Morning activities had to be adjusted a bit due to the rains, the lake flooding a bit, and the mud, but everyone is still having fun! This morning the music at breakfast was “Throwback Thursday” and had a lot of oldies but goodies including Sweet Caroline, Shout, Ice Ice Baby, and the YMCA. There was lots of dancing and singing.

Tonight is the Talent Show for Junior High and Senior High and movie night for the Elementary kids. They will get to vote on the movie they watch, picking between three movies (and they’ll get their fresh-popped popcorn tonight!).

~Karen Schlabach


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