Camp – Monday

Elementary – Monday

The program lesson from Fr. Rob was about “We are the Holy People of God.” They talked about what it means to be holy: to be set aside for a special purpose from God. Baptism is the church’s representation of that. We did arts & crafts around Baptismal Imagery – origami doves and shell necklaces. For worship, we went around and blessed all the different parts of camp, like a house blessing. The Y-time activities were horses, tower, gaga, nature, archery, swimming, arts & crafts, rec games, canoeing, nature, and bikes. After supper they had a beach party with music!

Junior High – Monday

The program lesson from Fr. Chris focused on being a follower of Jesus, and how we learn about Jesus from the Bible. We dipped our toe in Biblical interpretation when the family groups had to act out (improve) a modern interpretation of stories from the Bible. Stories like Joseph getting sold (out) by his brothers, the Woman at the Well, the Prodigal Son, and Jacob and Esau. The Y-Time activities were horses, canoeing, rec games, archery, swim, tower, bikes, gaga, slip-n-slide, and arts & crafts. At night we watched Galaxy Quest and ate fresh-popped popcorn!

Senior High – Monday

The program lesson from Fr. Kevin was to get back to the basics of the church and not focus on the organization structure. It was foundational–what does it really mean to be the church: trust God, and serve people. The senior high group is also focusing a lot on team building games to help create community. The Y-time activities were canoeing, tennis, pickleball, arts & crafts, bikes, low-ropes (for Peer Ministers and Youth Commission), archery, outdoor cooking (popcorn!), tower, and rec games. They also started cardboard boat building. After supper, the diocesan interns led games in family groups…each game had an animal theme. They did a scavenger hunt, a game called ‘dead fish,’ and the family groups competed to see who could make the best animal sounds for animals like whale, flamingo, fox, and peacock.


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