Camp – Sunday

I opened camp with this brief talk on Sunday night after supper:

I am Karen Schlabach and I am the Youth Missioner for the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas and I would like to say WELCOME TO EPISCOPAL SUMMER MEGA CAMP! I’m so happy all y’all are here!

I have two challenges for you this week:

  • I’m going to quote one of my favorite former staff members and tell you my first challenge is to “Be sweet.”
    1. When we attend church, we expect our fellow Christians to treat us well, because they (and we) are Christian. We expect to be greeted warmly, listened to, and respected. So, let’s make every effort to do that for each other this week.
    2. When we live in community for a week, that can get difficult…people are going to get on your nerves. There’s no getting around it…God made each of us unique and sometimes our differences cause conflict. But even so…BE SWEET.
  • When was the last time you did something for the first time? I’d like to challenge you to try something new this week…Camp Wood and the Episcopal staff are providing LOTS of fun activities…So…try something new!!
    1. If you’ve never played gaga or ultimate frisbee, never climbed the tower, never rowed a canoe, or never ridden a horse…TRY IT! You might like it! You might hate it, too, but hey, at least you’ll know.
    2. You could also try apologizing first when you have a conflict with a friend, cleaning up after yourself, helping the adults, remembering to brush your teeth every day – whatever is new for YOU.

I hope you all have a great week, and if you have any questions or problems I hope you’ll let me know or let another adult know.


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