Camp – Wednesday


Our theme was “Episcopalians read the Bible.” We talked about what was in the Bible. We made magnetic cross-shaped bookmarks for everyone’s Bible at home. Y-time activities were: horses, volleyball, gaga, archery, tennis, bikes, swimming, nature art, challenge games, slip’n’slide, and canoeing. In the afternoon, we played “Counselor Hunt” and made s’mores.

Wednesday-Junior High

During program we talked about the power of ritual in people’s lives. We talked about what Episcopal Church Worship has in common with: the 7th inning stretch, saying “I love you” and singing “Happy Birthday.” We used several video clips to help illustrate the ideas. Y-time activities were: Horses, tower, gaga, outdoor cooking, basketball, archery, shelter building, arts & crafts, canoeing, tennis, slip’n’slide, and a quick game of Gold Rush. After Mega Worship, we had s’mores!

Wednesday-Senior High

During program, senior high learned about Jesus through the acronym: MESSIAH.

Mary-mother of God
Signs and Wonders
Indicted by the Pharisees
Agony on the Cross
Hallelujah Christ is Risen

We also talked about how it’s important to know our stories, the context, and the history so that we can better understand where we are now. We talked about how our personal stories connect with the story of Jesus. We discussed how we should be taking the Bible seriously and learning our history. Y-time activities were: fishing, rec games, adventure hike, ultimate Frisbee, canoeing, tennis, bikes, tower, sling shot paintball, archery, and E-Time was Baby Ball and arts & crafts!

Wednesday was also the Senior high Cardboard-boat Regatta on the lake (yes, they make boats out of cardboard, plastic sheeting, and duct tape…that they actually sit in and row them across the lake). We had special MC (Nurse) Chris Minor who won the very first cardboard boat regatta in 1997. There were 5 boats competing this year. Team Ladybugs won with their ship The Ladybug (the navigators didn’t even get wet!). After Mega Worship, we had s’mores at High-Y!

Wednesday-All Camps

After dinner, all the camps went up to High-Y for group pictures by parish. We renewed our baptismal vows and celebrated the Eucharist with Bishop Dean Wolfe and The Rev. Canon Torey Lightcap as the sun set.


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