Camp – Thursday & Friday

I will likely not have time to post a blog Saturday morning, so I’ve attempted to include information about both Thursday and Friday below. We hope to see all the parents for the closing service on Saturday at 10:30 am in Ritchie! Check-out is from 11-11:30 am. Check out pictures from the week on our Facebook page: Thanks!

Elementary-Thursday & Friday

The theme for the day was, “We care for everyone and everything.” We as individuals and churches care for people in need but we also take responsibility for the environment around because it is our island home. We made seed bombs with wildflower seeds which attract butterflies and hummingbirds and can be planted anywhere. For worship they had a service of healing. Everyone had the opportunity to pray for someone they knew who might need to be lifted up in prayer. Y-Time activities were: horses, nature art, soccer, basketball, fishing, swimming, archery, fun games, arts & crafts, stream exploration, and bikes. The evening activity was movie night with fresh popped popcorn. They watched “Big Hero 6.”

Friday the theme is “We are a Eucharistic community.” We are going to prepare the different elements of worship (like baking bread) and learn about the mystery of the Eucharist. Then we will worship together with youth doing dramatic readings for the scripture and everyone participating in the service. Tonight’s evening activity is the Talent Show! Also, all campers and staff will receive a “Camper Award” commending them for their participation this week.

Junior High-Thursday & Friday

During program we talked about how we as Episcopalians we try to do the right thing and to know right from wrong. Sometimes we don’t do the right thing and sometimes other people do wrong things. We talked about healing and reconciliation. Summer intern Tyler Kerr and Fr. Chris role-played a confession so the kids could see what it was like. For worship, we had a healing service with a variety of ways to offer confession, ask for forgiveness, and request prayers for ourselves and others. Y-time activities were: horses, tower, archery, low ropes, canoeing, slip-n-slide, fishing, gaga, swimming, and water balloon volleyball. The evening activity was the TALENT SHOW! (Several videos of acts are on Facebook!)

Friday’s program allowed the students to ask Fr. Chris ANY question that he had to answer in 30 seconds. There was a box to collect anonymous questions in advance, we had 15 questions submitted and few impromptu questions at the end. We watched a few videos on the Episcopal Church’s Marks of Mission and then the family groups had to come up with a 30-second commercial for “Why the Episcopal Church.” Friday evening we will elect 2 new junior high representatives to the Youth Commission. Friday evening’s activity is Camper Awards and a Dance!

Senior High-Thursday & Friday

In program Fr. Kevin taught about the Book of Common Prayer, what it means and its history. He challenged the youth to start bringing their own BCP to worship and use it, to read a little bit every day, to find their favorite prayer, and memorize the worship services. The Christian Camp community is the way life “should be” so don’t let the ways of the world take over when you get back home. Remember to pray every day! Y-Time activities were: gaga, pickle ball, bikes, horses, tower, river canoe trip, gaga, and water balloon volleyball. The E-staff also offered talent show practice, bracelet making, and origami. We elected 2 new students to the Youth Commission and selected 4 youth delegates and 2 alternates for Diocesan Convention in October. The evening activity was the Talent Show followed by the Healing Service.

In Friday’s program we learned about the 7 sacraments of the Episcopal Church. Fr. Kevin had the students go out on camp and find a rock or take a photo that helps represent this place for them. That photo or rock is a sacrament—an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual remembrance of this place. Sacraments are in our daily lives. Friday evening’s activities focus on sending off our graduated seniors. We start with Camper Awards, then do the Senior Game Show, Senior banquet at dinner, Senior Eucharist at High-Y, and a dance!


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