General Convention #78

Youth and college students from the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas (EDOK) were invited to join the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri (WeMo) on their triennial trip to the General Convention of The Episcopal Church (TEC). Today is day 1 of traveling, and we have a 12 hour drive to get to Rock Springs, Wyoming for our first stop. We will then finish the drive to Salt Lake City, Utah, on Wednesday morning in time to arrive for the introductions of the Presiding Bishop candidates.

Monday night, we gathered at Church of the Redeemer in KCMO. Throughout the evening, we learned about the Episcopal shield, Anglican Christianity, dogma vs. doctrine, Episcopal Church history, how TEC is organized, what is General Convention and who goes, how General Convention works, what to do if we want to speak at General Convention, and important terms and acronyms to know during General Convention.

As we drive, we’re learning more about some of the resolutions that we will be discussed at General Convention. You can follow along at … and specifically see the resolutions about Christian Formation at:

You can also follow along on Social Media with #gc78


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