Reasons to come to Miqra

  • Some youth like to be apart of something amazing…we read the ENTIRE BIBLE out loud in one weekend, and we need everyone’s help to get that done! There is something about reading the Bible out loud for other people that can open you to things you don’t normally hear or see.
  • Some youth like to hang out with their friends. There will be 30-40 other Episcopalians THEIR AGE. When else is that possible but at a youth event?
  • Some youth want to learn more about that Bible. We do that. This year we’re focusing our learning on the Gospels and Acts. There will be a variety of workshops the youth can choose from to learn about whatever they are most interested in.
  • People who participate in the reading often say it’s fascinating because they’ll read something they wouldn’t have otherwise ever read. But, if youth are nervous about reading, it’s TOTALLY OPTIONAL. They can also sign-up with 2 friends so instead of reading for an hour, it’s only 20 minutes.
  • Some youth like to get up in the middle of the night and read. They read in the Nave which is mostly dark. Kind of a cool and eerie experience.
  • High School kids will play Church Commandos. Don’t know what that is? COME TO MIQRA and find out.
  • Back by popular demand for 2016: Sunday afternoon naptime.
  • Some kids like to have fun. We do that, too. Saturday night is game night and Sunday night is movie night. We also have a workshop time reserved for arts & crafts, games, or athletics.

Miqra is January 16-18, 2016. Sign-up here.

We all gather at Grace Cathedral in Topeka to start the weekend. Then the junior high youth are bussed to St. David’s for Saturday night and Sunday night, and bused back to Grace Cathedral Monday morning for pick-up.


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