My Camp Commercial

My Camp Commercial [was too long and I spoke too fast, so here is what I want to say…and oh yeah, go to camp!]

My name is Kirsten, I have gone to camp for five years now and I absolutely love Camp! The first time I went to camp I was in the fifth grade, this was before it became “Mega” Camp. Until 2011, we had 3 separate weeks of camp, but then we combined 3 separate camps into one week! This is super-nice, because last year my sisters and I were all in different age groups, but we still went to camp the same week.

The Episcopal Church has held summer camp at Camp Wood for close to ninety years. Camp Wood is magnificent; it is located in the heart of the Flint Hills and no picture can capture its true beauty.

I like to say Camp is similar to life, just a different kind of life. At first it can seem scary. I know I was scared: you come to this place that you have never been, and you can feel homesick. Everyone gets homesick once in awhile but we have a superb and supportive group of staff that can help. The staff are fantastic and fun.

At Camp you can just be a kid! Sometimes we forget to have fun and enjoy life. Here you unplug from the outside world and can focus on you and your relationship with God in a healthy and supportive environment. This is a place where we come to learn about God and it is often called a “thin place” because many of us feel and see God’s love and grace at this camp. You can be yourself here, your real self. You begin your journey of finding your authentic self; it is a time to discern and find your passions. By the end of the week your cabin mates are like your bffs and you can make some great lifelong friends. I have met many wonderful people at Camp. It wouldn’t be the same without them! We meet back either at other youth events or at camp every year. I look forward to this week every year, it is one of the highlights.

Each year my experience gets better and better than the year before. The more you get involved, the more you will get out of it. You can try new things that you have never done before and you can conquer your fears. We will be there cheering you on because we work together to accomplish goals. It is like life crammed into a week and each year you come it builds on top of the year before. There will be ups and downs just like life, sometimes you will fall but we are here to help you back up. When you reach the top of the tower, or win the game, or perform well at the talent show, we will be there celebrating with you. You can build your confidence, become a team player, and become a leader at camp. You have the potential and the ability to change the world for the better. You may have the wings to fly but we can teach you how to use them to soar. This is a place to gain experience, and to feel God’s love. When this chapter of your journey comes to a close you leave with experience and knowledge of your true identity, because our mission is to equip and send young Disciples of Christ out into the world.

Because of youth events I have really grown, I have conquered my fears like staying away from home, I have become a leader by getting involved in different youth ministries, like the Diocesan Youth Commission, the Mustard Seeds, being a youth delegate for diocesan convention, and a Peer Minister, and I have learned how to trust and what a true friend is. I have also celebrated successes like winning the boat regatta, or becoming the rector for New Beginnings. I have been fortunate to experience God’s beautiful creation, his love and grace. I also just had a lot of fun, at Y-time, lunchtime (with kiss the fish and mealtime mockeries), MEGA Worship at Hi-Y, being with my friends and making new ones. Camp is a wonderful experience.

Camp is June 5-11, 2016, and is open to those who have completed 3rd through 12th grade. It costs $420 and there are scholarships available. More information is available at

I hope you can join us for the 100th year that Camp Wood has been open on an awesome adventure. Thank you and see you there!

Kirsten Lee, high school junior, St. Michael and All Angels


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