Mega Camp – Monday morning

Sunday is not always the most fun day because we have to go over A LOT of rules for the camp in order to keep everyone safe, comfortable and informed.

Elementary campers do their swim test on Sunday afternoon to determine their swimming ability. During program time, they spent time with their cabin and counselors making a “cabin covenant” that they will all agree to live by this week to make it a pleasant experience. During program time Sunday night they talked about how it isn’t easy to “hit the mark”, but they will talk about ways to do this throughout the week. Some of these things they can alone. Other ways they will “hit the mark” will be in community. Hopefully we will give them some ideas and some tools in order to live out the 5 marks of mission. Campers met in small groups (“Family Groups”) to talk about ways we identify ourselves (color of hair, height, clothing, who are your family members) and answer the question, “Does any of this reveal that you are a Christian?” Then they used markers to create a tattoo on the back of their hand, which is a sign of their faith.

Junior High campers incorporated their community covenant into a Eucharist service during program time. We introduced the five marks of mission and they spent a lot of time in their family groups getting to know each other and forming community. They also played some get-to-know-you games and sang a lot of songs! Camp Director Megan Upton-Tyner said, “We had a fantastic opening Eucharist where we incorporated the Community Covenant and it was a great way to start the week.”

In the afternoon, Senior High campers reviewed the camp rules, then played several get-to-know-you games and had an epic rock-paper-scissors split battle. During program Senior High campers started learning about the 5 Marks of Mission. Maggie Burk wrote a song about this theme and everyone learned how to sing it. At our baptism we are “marked as Christ’s own forever” so we talked about the marks we have (scars, birth marks, etc.), got temporary tattoos, and made a “Mark” for each of our family groups.

Senior High program goals for the week:

  • For participants to know they are Marked as Christ’s Own Forever.
  • For participants to understand that means they should do something about it, “mission” is an action word.
  • For participants to know and understand the Five Marks of Mission
  • For participants to go out from Mega Camp with ideas of how to do mission

Everyday the campers and staff will get the opportunity to reflect on the day’s mark of mission. At the end of each program session they will take 5 minutes and respond to one of two questions: how am I marked by the this Mark of Mission or what mark do I leave of this Mark of Mission?

Sunday night we had BBQ sandwiches for dinner (chicken or pork), baked beans, and salad. Monday for breakfast we had pancakes and sausage.


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