Mega Camp 2016 – Friday Morning

Today’s Mark of Mission:

Elementary and Senior High talked about: To seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation (Transform)

Junior High talked about: To respond to human need by loving service (Tend)

Elementary Y-Times: canoeing, archery, biking, nature exploration, soccer, outdoor cooking, waterfront, canoeing, swing, arts & crafts, gaga, and improv. Worship was a healing service and the evening activity was movie night and we watched Inside Out.

YouTube Video: Kat Edmonson “Be the Change”

Talking Points: We are called to be people who make changes that are necessary. To stand up for what is right and good and true. Jesus turned the tables around on people, made them THINK.

Large Group Activities:

“Would You Rather”- be Rich/Poor, Strong/Weak, Hungry/Full, Laugh/Cry, Hate/Love, Angry/Happy. Now, with a redefinition of the word, which would you rather? There are lots of injustices going on in the world. Can you name any that concern you? (Write them on a wipe board)

“Human Etch-A-Sketch-“ 5 members per team, call out an object and each team must figure out a way to make the object with their bodies.

Questions for Family Groups:

  • What does the word “justice” mean? What does the word “injustice” mean?
  • What are some injustices in the world today? Is there one that is most important?
  • Who do you know that is working on or fighting for an end to an injustice?
  • How could you participate in fighting injustice?
  • How does your church community fight injustice?

Family Group Activity: Knots (stand in a circle and grab hands with people you are not standing next to. Then “untie” the knot until you’re in a circle holding hands)

Lesson: We need to work together, and stick with the changes needed until we solve the problems (just like working through the tangled knot until it was untangled or sketching objects with our bodies).

Junior High Y-Times: horses, tower, biking, archery, soccer, 9-square, waterfront, fishing, talent show practice, low ropes, shelter building, board games, and adult coloring.

It’s tough at camp to find activities during camp that respond to human need. So, in program we made bead bracelets for elementary campers and then we had a mixed junior high and elementary camper lunch. The junior high campers were asked to engage the elementary students in conversation, and at the end of the meal, they gave the campers the bracelets they had made. In their family groups, lots of campers shared how they were required to do community service for school, or knew that it would look good on college applications. However, they really got the difference between the ‘required’ service and helping people because it was the right thing to do at the time.

Worship was a service of healing and the evening activity was the talent show!

Senior High Y-Times: Horses, Gaga, Outdoor Cooking, Spa, Paintball, Low Ropes, Waterfront, River Canoe, Swing, Arts & Crafts, Tennis, Barn Games, Gaga, and Talent Show Practice.

During Program:

Question of the Day – Name someone who is a good problem solver. What is it about them that makes you think that?

Video – How would you change the World?

Talking points: We talked about some of the unjust structures in our society and what God would say is a “just” structure and how we should strive to have just structures. We also talked about the difference between unjust and unfair.

Scripture: Mark 7:24-30 The Syrophoenician Woman’s Faith

Group Activity: The staff did Improv Skits about the Syrophoenician woman except changed it from a Jew and Gentile to Gryfindor and Slytherin to give it a more modern interpretation.

Thursday night is the talent show and healing service.

Thursday lunch was sandwich wraps, supper was hamburgers and hotdogs, Friday breakfast was biscuits and gravy.

Many thanks to The Rev. Patrick Funston and The Rev. Steven King who planned and presided at all three healing services today!!


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