Mega Camp 2016 – Saturday morning

Today’s Mark of Mission:

Junior High talked about: To seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation (Transform)

Elementary and Senior High talked about: To respond to human need by loving service (Tend)

Elementary Program Talk Points: Service, we hear about it all the time. Some of you go to schools where you have to do something to help others (maybe clean the campus, go to a food bank, or read to younger children). Some of you live in families, who make it a practice to help others (make meals for a friend, care for a neighbor’s yard or animal while they are away, cook or serve breakfast for homeless). Some of you attend church and help do service projects with other church members. What are some acts of service that you have done? What is one you wish you could do?

Activity for Family Groups: Baptism Covenant balloon toss—Form a circle. Review the 5 vows of the baptismal covenant. Begin tossing a water balloon between people, tossing across the circle. After a few minutes, add a second water balloon, then a third, increasing the difficulty in keeping them unbroken. Goal: To not break any baptismal vows. When a balloon breaks, the two people involved when it is broken must each name one way in which the broken vow can be applied in their life.

For worship, they did a Suesscharist. After supper every camper got an award and then they had a talent show!

Junior High Program did a metaphorical game called Marshmallow World History to learn about unjust structures in the world. Ask your campers. It was chaos, but awesome chaos.

For worship, they concluded their instructed Eucharist with communion. After supper they learned about other youth events during the year, elected students to the Youth Commission, every camper received an award, and they had a dance.

Senior High Program:

Question of the Day (10min) – Name one of the most caring people you know. What is it about them that makes you describe them this way?

Video (5min)- “God’s Littlest Lambs Children’s Home” Honduras Mission – An example of responding to human need by loving service –

Kirsten Lee shared about her experience on mission trips to Honduras and touched one each of the Marks of Mission.

Family Group activity/creation:

Serve another camper/counselor/staff today in some way. Random act of kindness. What does someone around you need, how can you help fulfill that need?

Everyone take an envelope and write your name on one envelope. Then using the scraps of paper write a kind word to each person in your family group including your family group leaders. Hopefully throughout the week’s discussions in family time you’ve gotten to know a little bit about what each person believes, what they treasure and how they are marked for mission. Perhaps you learned a little bit about what they need to continue in their mission, write those encouraging words!

Before supper, campers all received an award and we had the Senior Game Show asking those graduating about their best camp memory, camp crush, and advice for younger campers. After supper we had a Eucharist on High-Y to honor the seniors followed by a dance!

Friday lunch was meatball subs; supper was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cake; Saturday breakfast was bagels and oatmeal.


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