Honduras 2016-Saturday

Our day began very very very early, waking up at 3 am in order to get to the airport on time. The group met by the United Airlines kiosks and we took the time to stuff as many extra donations as possible into any available checked luggage and even stuffed some into our carry-ons. Then we made it through security without incidence, bought a couple coffees, and didn’t even have time to sit before boarding the plane. We managed to take-off early and I promptly fell fast asleep for the two hour ride.

Once we landed in Houston we arrived at the same gate we would be taking off from, so no mad hustle to reach the next flight. The rest of our group joined us and we had a short time to get to know each other before boarding our plane to Honduras. I managed to sleep through most of this flight too, but woke up as we were descending. The mountains were amazing to see, and very different from our Kansas home. It was a strange feeling watching the ground be a certain distance away, and then all of a sudden be right underneath us and beside us as the runway is sort of carved into a hill, but we landed safely and everyone made it through customs easily.

Amanda met us as we were walking out of the airport and we loaded luggage into one van and missioners into the other and headed out to the guest house. If you have never driven in another country, the experience is exciting and a little scary. It amazes me that there aren’t more wrecks when there is an infinite number of lanes and no speed limit. Our driver was great though and I enjoyed seeing Honduran city life.

We arrived at the guest house, looked around, unpacked a bit, and ate lunch. I love my room with a cute little patio outside and also the hammock in the backyard. Honduran food is also amazing and tastes better than most of the American stuff. Then we went to the children’s home and got a quick tour of the place. The view from the church is stunning! And we also got a quick preview of some of the projects we will be working on, like planting fruit trees and building a prayer wall. Once the tour was finished we had some time to play with the younger kids and get to know them. We all had a blast playing with legos and watching the kids knock down giant towers!

After that, we returned to the guest house for some free time, which turned into snack time also. Once again, I love the hammock in the backyard, and I’m buying one if I get a chance. We ate a delicious dinner and then had an early session of evening devotions. Everyone went through high’s and low’s and then we had compline. After getting up at 3 or earlier, everyone went to bed super early and got a good night’s sleep. It was a great start to what I hope to be an amazing trip!

Daria Hagan, sophomore at Kansas State University, originally from St. James, Wichita.


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