Honduras 2016 – Monday

Today was our first day of work. We started our day with a morning devotion at 7:15. Our morning devotions this week are focused around the Five Marks of Mission. This morning we focused on a passage about mark #3, responding to human need with loving service. The passage talked about the importance of loving service. We talked about the difference between service and loving service. After devotion, we had breakfast of beans, eggs, avocado, papaya, and toast. Honduran beans are one of my favorite foods and so breakfast this morning was super exciting!

Once breakfast was done, it was time to go to the children’s home to work. We were squished into our van today because we had to include room for a water and food cooler. To fit all of us, we had to sit four people in the back seat. Two of the people in the back seat were sitting on the sides of the seat which was very metaly. I was one of those people. I had metal car pieces hitting me in the leg, back, arm, and bum.

Once at the children’s home, we met Angel (Ahn-hel), one of the construction workers at the children’s home. He told us we would be divided into two groups, one group working on building a prayer wall and one painting the medium girls cabin. I was put in the prayer wall group.

I spent my morning working on finding pretty faced rocks, mixing “mezcla,” filling in the space between the sides of the walls with small rocks and mezcla, and talking with Angel, Raul, and the other members of our team. Raul is an older boy at the children’s home that often works with the teams. He studies at a vocational school and is learning construction along with other skills so is an asset to the Honduran workers.

We stopped for lunch at noon and ate together with Mario- the head Honduran worker, Angel, and Raul. After we all finished eating, Angel played guitar and sang praise songs in Spanish. Kirsten then played songs and we all sang songs from the Diocese of Kansas Youth Ministry song book. One song we did was Exodus, Raul and Angel joined in on the dancing.

When lunch was over, we continued working on our projects until around 3:30. We then got to go play with the kids! Most of us played with the children in the little children cabin (Sala Cuna). I played mainly with Suely whom is one of the youngest children. I threw her around in the air and took pictures using Snapchat filters. She loved the cat and dog filters.

Jeremiah had an ingrown toenail and while we were playing, the in-house doctor was working on his toe. He is now walking around with a giant bandage on his toe but everything is ok.

At 5 pm, we left the Children’s home and headed to Flor del Campo to go see a youth program LAMB has called the Alonzo Movement. This program helps keep kids from entering gangs through encouragement and education. We listened to a speaker talk about how God is a protector and then we played soccer with the kids. Kirsten scored 4 goals!

We arrived home around 7:20 pm and had dinner. After dinner we had Compline and sang praise songs together. I went to bed by 10:00 pm, very tired.

~Talley Breedlove, junior at Appalachian State University, former member of St. Michael and All Angels in Mission


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