Honduras 2016 – Tuesday

Devotional today was at 7:15 am this morning to prepare for the day ahead. As Episcopalians, we are all marked by mission, and strive to pursue these marks in our lives. We focused mainly on the 3rd mark of mission to tend: to respond to human need through loving service–even though all five marks can be found here in our work here in Honduras.

For breakfast today we had waffles and fresh mango. We had a mango demonstration from Dulce, the cook (Dulce in English means sweet, which she is), on how to prepare a mango properly. And we set out for San Buenaventura (aka The Children’s Home).

I was fortunate enough to sit squished in the back seat on the edge of four people with my backside hanging slightly off the side and will later sit there on the ride back to Casa LAMB. We also brought the guitar from Casa LAMB so Angel and I could play together.

We arrived at the Children’s Home ready to work, and we spilt into two groups. One team to paint the medium girl’s cabin and the other to work on the prayer wall dedicated to Suzy, the spiritual director of Lamb who started this ministry. Jeremiah helped with the wall yesterday, but because of his toe, had to move to the painting team today.

I worked on the prayer wall again today. We mixed more “mezcal” by hand and hunted for rocks that were just the right size. Today went a little bit slower in relationship to how much we got done yesterday because it was more detailed work that not many people could work on at one time. We had to find a lot of pretty rocks. I found one in the middle of the pile and some doubted that we would get it until the end of the week. But I got that rock out after a little maneuvering. We worked along side Raul and Angel (Hondurans). In conversation, I found out that in Honduras you have to be 18 to drive and Raul was surprised that in Kansas that you can drive when you are 14. In all honesty I don’t think you would want to drive any earlier in Honduras. Driving is crazy here the only rules are that the driver has to wear a seat belt, you have to stop at stop signs for -1 second, and when driving a motorcycle you have to wear a helmet. The team that worked on the wall (Kirsten, Daria, Karen, Talley, Steve, and often Alyssa and Amanda) got to sign our names inside of the wall that will be there for centuries to come.

The painting team (Jeremiah, Anna, Julia, Laurie, and Bill) also got a lot done today on the inside of the middle girls cabin, Fr. Bill did almost the whole bathroom by himself in super-quick fashion. The funny part was that all of the Children’s Home workers were on a retreat today and the girls cabin was locked. We had one of the smallest kids from Sala Cuna climb through the metal bars of the window to get inside and open the cabin for us.

During lunch we served the Hondurans first. Angel and I took turns playing songs for the group. It was incredible to watch Angel play; he is a great musician. We sang along to “Exodus” and Angel wants to have it translated into Spanish. He is going to teach me his song on Thursday, and I will translate “Exodus” for Thursday as well. My favorite part was when I played “Here I am to Worship” and our group sang in English, and Angel and the Hondurans sang in Spanish. It was moving, and it sounded amazing.

After work, I played for a bit with Genesis and Nohelia. Then I went with Raul and Elias Gonzales to play soccer. Soon followed by Steve, Father Bill, Jeremiah, and Alyssa (Amanda’s intern) to play a pick up game of soccer, while others watched. I was goalie. After a while, only Raul, Elias Gonzales, and I were left playing soccer. The older kids came back from their trip to the water park. And then we said “hasta pronto” (see you soon) to them and headed back to Casa LAMB.

We had fried tacos for dinner. Tacos in Honduras are more like a Taquito in the U.S. After dinner we each share a “high” and a “low” for the day. Then we did compline and sung “10,000 Reasons” and “All in All” with rounds which was impressive.

Suzy was supposed to come and talk to us tonight but unfortunately Caleb (Suzy’s grandson) had to go to the hospital with pneumonia. Hopefully she will be able to join us tomorrow, and Caleb will be all right.

Since we had time tonight we sorted and bagged up all the donations for the LAMB Institute. Afterward people started to go to bed.

~Kirsten Lee is a high school senior from St. Michael and All Angels in Mission


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