Honduras 2016 -Wednesday

As I write this, Karen is belting Let My Light Shine Bright while Daria records her. So I would say that this day is ending on a positive note. However, I have heard that it started on a relatively negative, or at least splattery note. We had our first bit of that wonderful stomach condition when a certain youth threw up all over the floor. Luckily, I slept like a baby and didn’t know about it until later!

Today was another great day overall. Though we were two people down in the morning, we till had a fantastic time in Flor del Campo. We heard testimonies from the various Lamb ministries, and were all deeply moved by them. One in particular was a grandmother who was raising her grandchild after the death of his parents, and she was so overwhelmingly thankful both to the school and to God for this opportunity, as it was the only way for him to be able to receive a good and safe education. After these testimonies, we toured the school, and it was amazing how much had been done with so little so quickly.

After the tour, we went to a Honduran grocery store, mostly because we wanted to see what was different. Really, the similarities were more striking. Sure things may have been cheaper there, but we found Oreos, Pepsi, Coke… But then there were also bottles of pure vanilla extract for a dollar, and chocolates with their energy measured in some weird metric thing… the kilojoule.

After the grocery store, we drove about 30 seconds to a restaurant that had the most amazing bean dip ever. Like seriously, that dip made me reconsider returning to the U.S. After stuffing ourselves with food, we went to a store that sold pewter everything, except for chalices and pattons (which is what we were looking for). I did find a cool turtle though!

After the shop, we drove to pick up our sick comrade and her buddy, and started our long drive to Valley of the Angels. During this drive, Kirsten and I pretended to be on a roller coaster, and Daria and I listened to Wannabe by the Spice Girls. When we got to the town, we were set loose on the unsuspecting Hondurans, like a swarm of locusts. Well kind of. Really we just wanted to buy a couple things each, but ended up spending way more than we meant to because something else would call out to us. The one thing we weren’t allowed to buy was a small three-wheeled car, because Karen doesn’t want us to drive across Central America to bring it home. Who knows why…? When we were done shopping, we rode the roller coaster back home, this time with Daria as a passenger as well. We also briefly stopped on the way home and picked up a chocolate cake covered in M&Ms, cookies, and sugary frosting for our dessert after dinner.

At home, the founder and Spiritual director of Lamb, Suzy, came over to eat with and talk with us. She thanked us for being here, and gave us advice on how to plow straight, not looking back. She talked about how she thinks it’s difficult in the U.S. to go-against-the-grain and follow God and follow our hearts. She even used examples from the songs we sang (God’s Own Fool and Live Your Mission). Amanda shared a heart-filled story about El Shaddai (God who is sufficient). After sharing our highs and lows, we closed with Father Provides since it was fitting with all we had talked about. Suzy went home, and we sang a few more songs as I began to write this.

And now I have caught up to the present, so I don’t really know where to go from here. Maybe I’ll try predicting the future… I predict tomorrow will be another beautiful day filled with hard work and harder laughs. Goodnight from all of us in Tegucigalpa, or morning or whatever time it is when you read this.

Jeremiah Shipman, Freshman at Kansas State University from Grace Cathedral, Topeka (with a few minor additions from Karen Schlabach)


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