Honduras 2016 – Friday

Today was our last work day. The painters finished all the interior rooms of the middle girls cottage and the prayer wall team continued on the wall. Mid-morning, Anna and Julia came to refill their water bottles and were treated to a lesson in Mezcla making. “This is hard!” They said. You can see a before/after picture of the wall on our Facebook page as well as some videos of the incredible work Angel does as a mason.

Kirsten has been working all week to translate Exodus into Spanish and give Angel a copy with chords, she finished late last night and gave it to him this morning. He recorded our group singing it (with the hand motions) so he’d remember how it goes. Angel also gave Kirsten a hand-written copy of a song he wrote with the chords so she could take it home. She was very moved. I also recorded a bit of Angel and Kirsten singing Here I Am To Worship in their respective languages.

We ended our work day at 3:00 because the kids have a farewell party for us. We had just enough time before it started to walk down to the local pulperia (kind of like a convenience store) to get the much anticipated coke in a bag (with a straw). Laurie and Steve got a great deal on children’s sunglasses in the U.S. and when they got back they passed them out and had just enough for all the little kids in Sala Cuna.

The older girls sang a song. The middle boys had our team play a Bible trivia game that ended with Daria getting two balloons full of flour popped on her head. Angel played a song and asked us all to dance. The younger boys did a skit/song about being in the army of God. Then Kirsten and Alyssa did a traditional Honduran dance with two of the Tia’s, Menguin, Raul, and two of the older boys. There’s video!

The North Americans were invited to give testimony about their time in Honduras. Steve, Kirsten and Talley all shared heartfelt messages and thanks with the kids. Kirsten was even able to do hers in Spanish! Until the end when she accidentally blessed herself instead of the kids. Then we passed out candy and sadly bid everyone farewell.

Tonight, the girls from the Safe House came and had dinner with us. Conversation was a little tough at first, but by the end of the night we were all giggling and having fun. We made tissue paper flowers with them and sent the rest of the supplies home with them. Personally for me, it was exciting that Gina was among them. Gina is the first student I met at the Children’s Home four years ago. She tried to teach me some Spanish words. I still think of her and pray for her often even though this is the first time I’ve seen her since that trip in 2012.

~Karen Schlabach, Youth Missioner


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