Spring 2017 Events

Posters are now available for our Spring 2017 events!

These posters will be mailed to all parishes in the next couple of weeks.

Camp Bulletin Insert (or flyer/handout) Both links lead to PDF documents. The final flyer is 8.5″ x 5.5″ — You can print/copy it 2-sided on letter-size paper and cut in half.

All youth who have previously attended an event will get a postcard inviting them to future events. I need your help identifying new young people! This might be people new to your parish, or people who’ve “aged-up” and are now old enough for summer camp (3rd graders) or other events (6th graders). It would be great if you’d make sure they know about events, but you can also send me their name and mailing address and I will make sure they get a postcard from me.

Most of our registrations are done electronically, but if you know someone who doesn’t use technology, I do have hard-copy forms that can be submitted.


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