Miqra: Bible 101

The Rev. Kelly Demo opened our weekend with four important things Episcopalians should know about the Bible:

  1. the Bible isn’t a single book, but rather a library of books. It’s not meant to be read cover-to-cover, but rather each book on its own.
  2. the Bible is a love letter from God. It should be read through a lens of “God Loves Me.” We should study it, read it and re-read it, and cherish it, as we would a love letter.
  3. Everything in the Bible is TRUE but not everything is FACTUAL. Some things can’t be proven, but they hold deeper truths that we live by.
  4. the whole arc of the story of the Bible is the story of Christianity, the story of Christians growing up. God in the Old Testament is represented differently because Christianity and Christians themselves were younger and had different needs and experiences. Christians in the New Testament have grown up a bit and thus God is represented a different way in the New Testament.

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