Camp Thursday 2017

Last night was our Mega Eucharist with all age groups and staff! The band consisted of musicians from each camp. We were blessed with the presence of Bishop Milliken from Western Kansas and Deacon Stevie Carter from St. Michael’s, along with our clergy for the week, Mother Betty, Father Joe and Father Andrew. The service featured two youth sermons from Connor Ekerberg and Kirsten Lee, who are both graduating seniors. Afterwards Senior High and Junior High enjoyed s’mores around their campfires!

Scripture Story: John 8:2–11
Focus: John 8:7  When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Theological Summary: We have to look around to see that we are all valuable to God. People and their relationships to us are a treasure for us to protect. When the legalistic Pharisees tried to trap Jesus with a question about the law, Jesus’ compassion created a “third way” with his answer, neither condemning the woman for her sin nor denying the law.

Campers will:

  • know that their actions toward others can be transformative
  • see Christ’s example of compassion and grace with patience and courage
  • be called to follow Christ’s example to connect to others without judgment, prejudice, or injustice
  • distinguish between judgment and justice

We did prayer stations focusing on compassion. The stations included: messages of compassion with salt painting, prayer collages with Father Joe, and played a tag game called cats vs. cows. Y-Times today were Soccer, Canoeing, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Fishing, Gaga, Waterfront, Swing, Biking, Horses, and Shelter Building. After program we made s’mores and played counselor hunt.

Junior High
We talked about our covenant with God, how we make covenants to live with each other, and how Jesus came and gave us the new covenant to Love One Another. As Christians we’re called to go beyond the rules in order to Love Our Neighbor. We talked about sin and how that breaks our relationship with God, but that God forgives us. During family group time, each camper was given some “Model Magic” to write their sins in, then mold into something beautiful which was added to our altar. Junior High held elections for Diocesan Youth Commission today. 14 youth ran for 4 positions. Congratulations to Josh Avery, Creed Ekerberg, Bre Elman, and Asher Demo for being elected!

Senior High
During program time, we discussed injustices in the world. Campers wrote an injustice on one side of a stone, then wrote their Christian response to that injustice on the other side. Afterwards, campers discussed ways we could advocate for others as Christians. Y-times included swimming, canoeing, climbing the tower, horses, gaga/nine-square and making survival bracelets! Senior High campers also enjoyed the annual Cardboard-Boat Regatta last night! Campers were given cardboard boxes, duct tape and plastic to create a vessel that would hold up as they propelled it across the U-dock. In a photo finish, the SS Kracken took home the coveted Camp Wood Cup, with Team Lil Boat coming in second. Prior to the race, the boats were blessed by Bishop Milliken!

Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls and ham patties
Lunch: BBQ Beef Sandwiches and s’more bars for dessert
Supper: Forkless Spaghetti! And TWO breadsticks got a HUGE cheer from the campers.


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