Camp Friday 2017

Scripture Story: Luke 15:11–32
Scripture Focus: Luke 15:32  “But we had to celebrate and rejoice, because this brother of yours was dead and has come to life; he was lost and has been found.”
Theological Summary: Decisions we make affect the ways we connect with people. Your choices matter, but they don’t change God’s love for you.
Campers will:

  • learn the impact of choice in their connection with God and others
  • hear of God’s forgiveness and grace
  • know that they can admit to their brokenness, and that they can change
  • identify trustworthy individuals in their lives who will show them God’s grace and forgiveness

We watched a Lego film of the prodigal son story. We had a really good discussion on choices and consequences for different social scenarios that Elementary students might face. We worked on thank you notes for the senior high campers. For worship we had a healing service with Father Joe, talked about the sacrament of healing, and the kids anointed each other in their family groups. Elementary girls enjoyed an E-time playing Just Dance, and dancing and singing to Frozen! Last night was movie night and we watched Moana and had popcorn and lemonade!

Junior High
During program we watched a clip from Jesus of Nazarath. Then we had a skit that 12 of our campers wrote, directed, produced, and performed that was a modern retelling of the prodigal son. We talked about identifying with the characters in the prodigal son story and feeling vulnerable. To demonstrate that feeling, we broke into groups of 3, blind-folded one member of the group who then had to ask for help to walk around camp. For worship we had a healing service that was well received by the campers. We ended the night with a talent show in which every cabin participated. We had the singing talents of many campers, some really good piano players, the Y-Staff treated us to a skit about time management, and the E-staff closed the show with a classic raindrop skit they had been practicing all week (wink, wink).

Senior High
This morning, the Senior High explored the Prodigal Son and how we, as the church and individuals, respond to those who feel outcast or on the fringes. Then we explored those things that are too big for us to handle, and the importance of turning things over to God. Campers were charged with going back and volunteering to help with those ministries that help people on the fringes. We made origami butterflies with our concerns written inside. We closed with this prayer:

Heavenly Father, as we leave our butterflies on this string, help us to let you take control of their wings. Help our worries and fears fly to you. When we see a butterfly passing by, help us to remember that you are there, lifting us up. And when we see another of your children who is hungry, angry, lonely, tired, or stressed, help us to help them find the wings of their own butterflies and set their worries free. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

They enjoyed their afternoon Y times, including a massive yoga session on the pavilion led by Episcopal counselor Emily Burke from St. Michael’s. Before dinner we voted on new Youth Commission members and Youth Delegates to Diocesan Convention. We had an unforgettable talent show after dinner (sponsored by Gold Bond) which included several singers, a clarinetist, pick-up lines, and the first-annual Mr. Episcopal contest. We closed out the night with a Healing Service. It started at the fire pit where we burned our origami butterflies, then moved into Hutch Chapel where there were several prayer stations. We closed with the Lord’s Prayer at the fire pit.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Hashbrown patties
Lunch: Chicken Fajitas
Supper: Hamburgers, hotdogs, beans, pasta salad, watermelon, and chips.


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