Wednesday @ Camp

Theological Summary: When we wonder, “Will there be enough?” Jesus shows us that we already have more than enough. 

Today, campers will…

  • see that God provides us tools to be who we need to be
  • experience that the more we trust God’s presence in our lives, the more we find ourselves guided toward abundance and peace
  • find that combining our gifts and passions with God and others is all that is needed to accomplish our hopes
  • learn that even if we aren’t satisfied with our own talents personally, God will find a place where we can contribute

Scripture John 6:1-14; Focus: John 6:10–11
Jesus said, “Make the people sit down.” Now there was a great deal of grass in the place; so they sat down, about five thousand in all. Then Jesus took the loaves, and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to those who were seated; so also the fish, as much as they wanted.

Elementary: We explored the concept of finding that you have more than enough even when you fear you have little. We did “team huddle prayers” for times in our life when we hope we have enough of something we need. Four campers acted out the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. Then we did a relay race to get our afternoon snack. We discussed how God can make even the impossible possible through our daily prophet Ezekiel and the dry bones and how God breathes new life into things that seem lifeless. We used a macaroni noodle as a metaphor for that – it needs water to make it edible.

9:45 am           Soccer, Canoeing, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Fishing, Gaga
11:00 am         Waterfront
3:45 pm           Swing, Gaga, Biking, Horses, Shelter Building, Rec Games, Music practice

They also had some free-play time in the afternoon with ladder golf, frisbee golf, badminton, and gaga.

Junior High: Junior High spent program time discussing the times they felt like they didn’t have enough, and learned that Jesus provides abundance when there appears to be scarcity. We started off with a dramatic reading of the “Valley of Dry Bones” vision in Ezekiel and learned about the Babylonian Exile. Family groups were then instructed to make WWJD bracelets together: but there was a catch. None of the family groups had enough materials to complete the bracelets on their own. Campers figured out that they had to share resources amongst each other so that there would be more than enough for everyone.

We also held Youth Commission elections and selected four people to serve on the Diocesan Youth Commission. Then we shared about all the other diocesan events throughout the year and encouraged them to join us!

11:00 am Tower, Canoeing, Skateboarding, Outdoor Cooking, Basketball
2:15 pm Adventure Hike, Biking, Archery, Shelter building, Waterfront, Star Wars role play game
5:00 pm Swing, Horses, Soccer, Arts & Crafts, Gaga, Low-Ropes, Bubbles & Bump-on-a-log

Senior High: Yesterday, during program, Senior High gathered to ask the question: What if There is More than Enough? We looked at the idea of miracles: from the Gospel of Mark and from one of our staff’s own experience. We then explored the idea of being the “miracle” that people need by sharing our abundance. We watched a video about how there is actually enough food in the world to feed everyone and how we can be part of the miracle that is ending food insecurity and hunger. Finally, students paired up in their family groups and were challenged to share an abundance of love with each other through compliments, hanging out, gifts, or side hugs over the next 24 hours.

9:30 am           Swing, Arts & Crafts, Skateboarding, Outdoor Cooking, Preston Hike
2:15 pm           Horses, Tower, Canoeing, Arts & Crafts, Gaga, Waterfront, Crafts with Kitty
3:30 pm           Gaga, Cricket, Quad Time, Cardboard Boats

Wednesday night is also the annual Cardboard Boat Regatta Race. Four teams of campers built boats out of cardboard, plastic sheeting, and duct tape. They are blessed by our chaplain, then they race in the swimming area at the lake! There were two heats and a final championship race for the Camp Wood Cup.

Worship: Wednesday night at camp we always have Mega Eucharist. All three camps join together on the “High-Y” amphitheater for Eucharist. Campers from all age-groups helped by doing the readings, leading prayers of the people, serving the chalice, leading music, and one of our graduating seniors gave the sermon.

Breakfast: egg, sausage, cheese breakfast burritos
Lunch: BBQ Beef Sandwich and coleslaw
Snack: Fruit snacks (and s’mores later)
Supper: Chicken, cheese & broccoli and baked potato

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