10 Questions to ask your kid about Miqra 2019

  1. About their tribe (named for the 12 tribes of Israel): What was the name of your tribe? Who else was in your tribe? Who were your adult leaders?
  2. What did you learn about the Bible? What’s in in? How do we read it? Why should we care?
  3. Which Bible verse did your tribe study? What is the message of that story? What did you learn about yourself from studying that Bible verse? Had you ever heard that Bible verse before this weekend? Tell me about your skit for this verse.
  4. What character did you get in the American Dream game? (played on Saturday when people were arriving) How far did you get in the game? What were some of the obstacles you faced?
  5. What was your favorite prayer station from Saturday night? Choices were:
    1. Bible commentaries for Sunday’s readings,
    2. social justice stations of the cross,
    3. mandala prayer and coloring,
    4. meditative reading of psalms,
    5. picture meditation prayer, and
    6. silent reflection on the Miqra public reading of scripture.
  6. Did you sign-up to read the Bible? How many times did you read? Did you read alone or with friends? What books of the Bible did you get to read? Did you like reading or not? Why?
  7. What did you think of the sermons on Sunday (given by two of our young people, Gillian and Carson)?
  8. Which workshops did you attend? What did you enjoy about the workshops? What did you learn? Who went to the workshops with you?
    1. Workshop time #1 choices:
      1. Life After High School (11-12 graders only)
      2. Jesus plaque craft
      3. Guided Journaling/Meditation
      4. Art Gallery tour and art reflection exercise
      5. Yoga
    2. Workshop time #2 choices:
      1. Homosexuality in the Bible (high school only)
      2. Hard questions of the bible
      3. FAQ Bible edition
      4. The Devil in the Bible
  9. Which movie did you watch? (Selma or Coco) Had you seen it before? Did you like it? Why or why not?
  10. Do you want to go to the next diocesan youth event?
    1. Feb. 22-24, Mustard Seeds Music Weekend @ St. Paul’s, Manhattan
      A weekend for practice and leadership training, grades 9-12.
      (registration open now!)
    2. March 29-31, New Beginnings @ St. David’s, Topeka
      A spiritual retreat for junior high students, led by high school students
    3. June 2-8, Episcopal Summer “Mega” Camp @ Camp Wood YMCA
      A traditional camp experience with Christian education for grades 3-12.
      (registration open now!)
    4. June 28-30, Happening #94 @ Good Shepherd, Wichita
      A spiritual retreat for youth by youth, grades 9-12.
    5. July 9-14, MissionWichita @ St. John’s, Wichita
      A mission ‘trip’ serving Episcopal ministries in Wichita, KS. Grades 9-12.

See the complete, un-curated collection of photos from the weekend here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/99322323@N06/Zrm5Cc

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