Sunday in Alaska

Hi, I’m Greta from Saint Michaels and All Angles in Mission, KS. I just graduated from JCCC and will be transferring to Nebraska Wesleyan University in the fall to finish my degree in psychology. Our group has learned so much this week from Mother Betty and we were so blessed to celebrate Eucharist with her, the bishop of Alaska, and the Saint Matthew’s parishioners on Sunday. Three members of our team preached about how they’ve seen God this week. Each night when we share how we felt connected to God that day is very special to many members and I am so thankful we could share some of those experiences with the congregation.

After mass, the congregation prepared a potluck for lunch. I sat with a man named Paul who told me all about how caribou migrate. He took time to draw out migration patterns and small maps of regions the different types of caribou are in. It was a special experience to talk with such a knowledgeable and welcoming person.

Later in the day we visited Morris Thompson center- a cultural museum. We were all excited to see the Flying Bishop portion of the exhibit. We also visited Pioneer Park, a park filled with museums, shops, and restaurants.

That evening Mother Betty welcomed us into her home for supper with the Bishop. The evening was filled with games, laughter, and it ended with a meaningful conversation with the Bishop. His honestly and sincerity made for another great learning experience.

I am so grateful for my time in Alaska and spending it with a group that means so much to me. Mother Betty’s generosity and kind heart made it easy to connect and get the most out of this trip.

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