Community Covenant

All participants (youth and adult) at each youth event are asked to sign a community covenant committing to standards set by the Youth Commission to promote a wholesome, Christian environment.

Episcopal Diocese of Kansas Youth Ministry
Community Expectations & Covenant

For the physical and emotional safety of all participants, the following are general rules we ask everyone to follow:

  • I will not enter any sleeping area except my own.
  • I will hand in all medication to the event nurse.
  • I will not drive my car during the event, and I will not go to my car without permission from an adult staff member.

The following rule is non-negotiable, meaning if violated, you will be sent home from the event:

  • I will not bring or use alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, e-cigarettes (includes: e-cigs, vapes, hookah-pens, etc.), illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, fireworks, firearms or any kind of weapon.

The Episcopal Church’s unofficial mottos of “All are Welcome!” and “God loves you, no exceptions.” point us to the following standards towards which we strive:

  • I will do my part to make this a welcoming and inclusive community.
  • I will seek to build up myself, others, and our community in my actions and words, doing my best to ‘love my neighbor as myself.’ (Matthew 22:39)
  • I will respect the person, property, feelings and beliefs of each member of our community and I will care for the property of this church with the understanding that it is God’s Place, made the way it is through the gifts of numerous people.
  • I will actively participate in all parts of the event and do my best to have fun!

Adults attending the event also agree to abide by these standards and assist with supervision of youth, remembering 2 Timothy 2:24-25, “And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kindly to everyone, an apt teacher, patient, correcting opponents with gentleness.”

I agree that these are reasonable expectations and I will do everything I can to live up to them. If I choose to violate the rules set for the event I am planning to attend, I understand that there will be consequences, which may include my parents being notified and my being sent home.

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