Frequently Asked Questions about Camp

The Episcopal Parent Handbook has copies of the daily schedule, a packing list, info about sending mail and care package suggestions, cell phone policy, homesick prevention suggestions, and answers to all the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.

What is Camp Wood?  Camp Wood is a YMCA camp that has been running since 1916. It is accredited by the American Camp Association — a process that has over 300 safety and quality standards to which they must adhere. The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas has held camp there, the first week of June, since 1937. Camp Wood has a one-of-a-kind view, sitting atop the Cottonwood River Valley with the Flint Hills as a backdrop. It is a beautiful facility made up of 868 acres. See more about our beloved Camp Wood here:

What is Mega Camp? We hold three separate camp sessions all in one week at the same facility. We have the entire camp to ourselves and fill it with 250 Episcopal campers and staff! We offer separate lodging, activities, worship, schedule, and staff for each age group: Elementary (those who have finished grades 3-5), Junior High (those who have finished grades 6-8), and Senior High (those who have finished grades 9-12). You may have heard camp referenced to as: Episcopal Summer Camp, Camp, Mega Camp, Episcopal Summer Mega Camp….it’s all the same thing. 🙂

What will my child be doing each day?

  • Each age-group has their own 90-minute “program” time in which they learn about the Christian faith and the Episcopal church with the Episcopal Camp Staff.
  • Each age-group has three separate hour-long blocks of “Y-time” (provided by the YMCA staff) and “E-Time” (provided by the Episcopal volunteers) each day featuring lots of fun activities on camp, such as canoeing, sports, horseback riding, arts & crafts, nature hikes, bicycle trail rides, skateboarding, swimming, water slide, mud slide, fishing, archery, games, the swing or alpine climbing tower (10 and up), rock-climbing wall (JH and up), and high ropes course (SH and up).
  • Each cabin is assigned a “service project” each day to help keep camp and our meeting spaces tidy, these include sweeping, setting up for a meal, picking up trash, or doing a random act of kindness.
  • The whole group gathers for three meals a day in the dining hall. Each meal starts with a sung grace. We play fun music during breakfast, Lunch is especially fun with “mealtime mockeries,” and most campers love the night we have “forkless spaghetti.”
  • We all have an hour of rest time in our cabins after lunch.
  • We serve a small snack every afternoon.
  • Each age group participates in an hour of worship at some point during the day.
  • Each evening holds a different event for each age-group, including game night, movie night, a talent show, MEGA Eucharist, and a dance or beach party.

You can view a sample schedule here: Camp Schedules 2020 (PDF)

We also plan to have youth and adults blog about camp each day, to help parents know more about what is going on at camp. Click here for the youth blog. There will also be counselors and campers posting on Facebook and Instagram about what they are doing at camp.

If you have any other questions after you’ve reviewed the Episcopal Parent Handbook, contact Karen Schlabach, Youth Missioner for the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas 913-708-5927 or

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