Official Youth Presence at Diocesan Convention

Attending Diocesan Convention is a great opportunity to see some of the inner workings of the Episcopal Church and meet other youth and adults from around the diocese. There are lots of ways for youth to be involved.

44610899955_9ef2a7e5f8_kDelegates: Four high school youth are elected at Camp to be full, voting delegates at Diocesan Convention. This is a great honor and privilege and a rarity in many diocese.

2019 Youth Delegates:
Abby Baldwin, Trinity, Lawrence
Paul Carter, St. Michael’s, Mission
Nick Morris, St. Paul’s, Coffeyville
Edith Stanford, Grace, Ottawa

2019 Alternates:
Zoe Stonehouse, St. Matthew’s, Newton

Pages: Youth in grades 8-12 and young adults (age 18-24) are invited to be pages at Diocesan Convention in Topeka. Pages pass out and collect ballots during the business session of convention on Friday.

Acolytes: Youth and young adults (age 18-24) are needed to be acolytes at the convention opening Eucharist on Friday afternoon at 4 pm at the Cathedral.

Fundraiser: Thursday night there will be a youth and young adult fundraiser. All participants of Diocesan Convention are invited to attend this dinner and social hour with proceeds benefiting youth and campus ministry. Youth and young adults are needed to prepare, serve, and clean-up.

Compline: Youth and Young Adults offer our traditional youth event Compline service on Friday night after the banquet.

When: October 17-19, 2019
Where: Youth will stay at Upton Hall, 835 SW Polk St., Topeka, KS
Who: Youth currently in grades 8-12 and young adults age 18-24
Fee: There is no cost to attend. All meals are provided.
Priority Deadline: Monday, September 23
Registration form: click here to sign-up via UltraCamp

Youth will stay the night in Upton Hall Conference Center, which has beds and showers, with linens provided. There will be two adult chaperones present as well. Youth will be transported back and forth from Upton Hall and the Topeka Capital Plaza Hotel and Conference Center by adults and college students. Youth are asked not to transport themselves or other youth.

What should students bring?

  • Pajamas and a change of clothes.
    Attire is “professional” or “business casual” … think “my Sunday best.” Some people dress up more for the banquet Friday night. (No shorts or flip-flops.)
  • Toiletries and a bath towel.
  • Homework and/or a book to read.
  • Your enthusiasm and positive attitude.

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