Fall Fun Fest

fff2014_logo_SMALLThe purpose of Fall Fun Fest was to provide a low-key, short, fun event for our youth to feel comfortable inviting friends. We would get an inflatable obstacle course, Sumo Suits or Hamster Balls, and jousting or boxing or a bungee run. Participants had 3 hours of free time to enjoy the inflatables, hang-out, do arts and crafts or board games or Wii games. Participants would meet in family groups several times throughout the event to meet other people and discuss faith. A speaker was invited to share something about their personal faith. We would watch a movie (sometimes, youth could pick between 2 options). The event was traditionally held at St. Margaret’s in Lawrence, although it was at St. James in Wichita (2015) and St. Thomas in Overland Park (2014).

The first Fall Fun Fest was in 2006 and the last was in September 2017.


Questions? Contact Diocesan Youth Missioner, Karen Schlabach, kschlabach@episcopal-ks.org.


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