General Convention


Abby Zimmerman, Dillon Green, Eliana Seidner, Carson Avery, Kirsten Lee and Will Chaney on the floor of the House of Deputies in 2018 in Austin, TX

Did you go to EYE and have a blast? Have you enjoyed Diocesan Convention? Do you like listening to a good debate? Are politics your ‘thing’? Do you consider yourself a “church-nerd”? Then attending General Convention of the Episcopal Church may be for you!

2021 Convention theme: TBA

When: TBA (Convention is June 20-July 9, 2021, so we will only be there for 3-4 days of the gathering)
Where: Baltimore, MD
Who: Students who have finished grades 9-12 and college-age students
Fee: TBA
Preferred Deadline: May 1, 2021
Registration Forms: TBA

Approximate schedule: TBA

See more about General Convention on their web site:



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