Guys Only Weekend


Guys Only Weekend 2017

A weekend retreat led by Episcopal Men to provide young men with tools to navigate today’s changing society. We will watch the documentary film The Mask You Live In and discuss toxic masculinity and how to be comfortable no matter how God made you. We will worship, sing, eat good food, play, rest, and support one another.

We will also have a joint activity with the Gals Only retreat taking place the same weekend.

When: TBD 2019
Where: TBD
Who: Youth males in grades 9-12 (for the 2019-20 school year)
Fee: $50
Registration forms: Available in 2019

Questions? Contact Will Chaney, Campus Ministry Program Assistant at the Canterbury House of Lawrence,

We’ll be showing the documentary film, The Mask You Live In. The film includes frank discussion related to sexuality, homophobia, sexism, pornography, abuse, suicide, rape, drinking and drug use. All of this material is accompanied by sobering statistics, but the ultimate message is one of hope; if kids can be raised to reject outdated/limiting roles, we can all help boys forge new identities as men, husbands, friends, and fathers. We believe these are serious, vital topics, that aren’t discussed enough and are incredibly important to how we act as Christians and our efforts to love our neighbor. Please read the review about the film on Common Sense Media before signing your child up to attend this event. The film is also available to view on Netflix if you’d like to screen it in advance.

We will also be using a new resource from Church Publishing called These Are Our Bodies. From the book jacket: “Our inherent value and worth comes from God’s love for us, but our modern world is filled with sexual expression that too often leads us away from the life of Christ. As Christians seeking to live a life worthy of our calling and desiring to pass along these values to our children and youth, this book explores how we can explore issues of sexuality in the context of our faith….This book, grounded from a theological perspective, focuses on foundational issues for addressing how we (and why we) are called to have these conversations in a faithful community to support families. The importance of looking at one’s sexuality throughout the lifespan through the lenses of decision making, faith and daily life, respect, growth and change, behavior, responsibility, values, prayer, and intentionality is be explored…” If you are interested in advance reading, you can order the foundational book, student booklet and parent booklet on or

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