Hutch Hall Fundraiser

Support Camp Wood and Diocesan Youth Ministries.
Plant your love. Let it Grow.


Do you remember it? The smells, the sounds, the faces of good friends. The memories hit you at strange moments and you are suddenly back at Camp Wood. The Castle, the red cabins, the quad, and the never ending wind! Cold showers, mystery meat, and meeting God on the open plains. We loved it all. The place, the people, the worship – it was a part of what made us who we are today. For almost 80 years young Episcopalians from around the diocese have been making the journey to the Flint Hills to spend a week learning more about God and themselves.


The camp has seen tremendous growth over the past several years. In celebration of Camp Wood’s centennial year the camp has raised money for a new water system, an educational building and staff housing along with many other additions. All of this will allow more campers than ever to experience the beauty and wonder of Camp Wood.

13123407_10153730455613668_7907636606824609367_oThe heart of activities at Camp Wood is, of course, Hutch Hall. Hutch has been our chapel and has housed worship, program, movie night, powerful healing services and some pretty hilarious talent shows. To wrap up its centennial year the camp is looking towards a major renovation of the chapel. Planned renovation includes:

  • new windows with screens!
  • new doors
  • a new roof (no more leaking!)
  • storage in the back
  • a deck around the back overlooking the valley and lake
  • improved lighting
  • a build-in sound system
  • water mitigation system (no more flooding!)

What will change is that campers will be able to use the building, no matter what the weather, and use it more fully. What won’t change is the spirit of the building. Hutch Hall is the oldest building on the Camp Woods ground and it just needs a little TLC.


Tens of thousands of young people have grown closer to God and each other in Hutch. And there are so many yet to come. Please consider giving a gift so that future generations can know the warmth of that good place. Your gift doesn’t need to be huge (although, you know, we wouldn’t turn it away…). Previous generations gave generously so that you could have a safe place to explore your faith. Let’s pay it forward.


Please use this form to make a donation or send a check made payable to the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas with “Hutch Hall Fundraiser” in the memo line. Send checks to Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, Attn: Hutch Hall Fundraiser, 835 SW Polk St., Topeka, KS 66612. You will receive an acknowledgment shortly after your gift is received!