Leadership & Training

Adult Volunteers
We need many adults to make all of our events possible. We need adults who love God and love teenagers and are committed to providing a wholesome, positive experience for our youth. Serving at youth events is a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s also a lot of hard work!

Diocesan Convention
Pages & Acolytes: Grades 8-12
Elected delegates: Grades 10-12

Each summer the diocese employs 1-4 college students who have an interest in ministry or working with youth. These young people provide amazing energy and innovative ideas, while gaining important ministry, life, and job skills. Applications are due at the end of February.

Mustard Seeds
The youth worship band. We’ll incorporate almost anything: guitar, bass, flute, violin, keyboard, vocals, and kazoos! Just bring your instrument to any youth event and join the group when practice is announced.

Parents Council
A group of parents who meet semi-annually to review events and discuss policies for the youth program.

Recharge: rethink, refresh, renew
A youth ministry retreat and training event for anyone who works (or volunteers) with youth in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas. An opportunity to get valuable training and network with other youth workers in Kansas.

Youth Commission
A group of youth and adults who help plan youth events and discuss policies and practices for the youth program.
Elected positions, Grades 6-12

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