Servant Leadership Program

A lifestyle of caring, welcoming, and affirming every neighbor.

The diocesan youth ministry program needs students actively doing ministry. When students have personal concerns, they are more likely to go to a peer than to an adult. Plus, the youth program belongs to the youth — and we need youth to take active leadership roles as a part of that. The Servant Leadership Program is designed to provide training and support for high school students so they can minister to their peers and practice ministry leadership at diocesan youth events. Starting in Fall 2017, we will be appointing willing students to this new group.

Criteria for selection:

  1. Attend at least 3 of the 7 standard youth events each year (Senior High Retreat, YouthTide!, Happening, Miqra, Junior High Retreat, Camp, MissionWichita).
  2. Model following the Community Covenant for all participants.
  3. Emotionally healthy with an ability to serve others as determined by Youth Missioner and other adults.
  4. Demonstrated initiative in servant ministry at a diocesan youth event specifically in welcoming, helping or listening. (i.e. students will apply for this group based on their behavior.)

Students will be appointed to serve by the Youth Missioner. Others who witness the above characteristics may recommend students for the group. Once a student has been appointed to the group, they must obtain parent/guardian permission in order to serve.

Expectations once appointed:

  1. Attend yearly weekend training retreat which will include team-building activities, Listening Leadership, Helping Leadership, and Welcoming Leadership training sessions, worship, and fellowship.
    1. Fall 2019 retreat is November 15-17 at Upton Hall in Topeka.
  2. Attend online training session prior to each youth event you attend as a “refresher” about the expectations of servant leadership.
  3. Serve as a page and acolyte at diocesan convention to demonstrate to the larger diocesan community your commitment to servant leadership.
  4. Attend worship in their home parish at least twice per month.

We need:

  1. Students leading others through service.
    Youth can assist with set-up and clean-up at all events, be enthusiastic and encourage non-servant leaders to help.
  2. Youth willing to pray for others, lead group prayer (like Compline or meal blessings), and share their personal faith with the community.
  3. Youth who will be welcoming, hospitable, and inclusive of all students, and may sacrifice time with their friends in order to do so.
    Servant leaders acknowledge the students who are sitting away from the group or trying not to participate. They love everyone, not just the ones that are easy to love.
  4. Youth that keep information confidential and are not involved in gossip.
    Servant Leaders choosing to participate in gossip will be held accountable and meet with the Youth Missioner. They may be suspended from the group.
  5. Youth that demonstrate an all-around Christian behavior, follow the community covenant and call out other students who are not.
    Servant Leaders choosing not to follow the community covenant will be held accountable and meet with the Youth Missioner. They may be suspended from the group.

If you would like to recommend someone for the Servant Leadership Program, send the Youth Missioner their name, parish, and a brief description of behaviors you have witnessed that make them a good candidate for this program.

Current Servant Leaders

  • Suzanne Avery, Good Shepherd, Wichita (2021)
  • Abby Baldwin, Trinity, Lawrence (2021)
  • Jayden Brookins, St. James, Wichita (2021)
  • John Butler, St. Francis, Overland Park (2020)
  • Paul Carter, St. Michael’s, Mission (2021)
  • Ragan Dutcher, St. Michael’s, Mission (2021)
  • Creed Ekerberg, St. Matthew’s, Newton (2021)
  • Sarah McDonald, St. Andrew’s, Emporia (2022)
  • Edith Stanford, Grace, Ottawa (2021)
  • Lily Turner, St. Michael’s, Mission (2020)
  • Gillian Typer, St. David’s, Topeka (2021)

Past Servant Leaders

  • Carson Avery, Good Shepherd, Wichita (2018)
  • Lily Riddle, St. Luke’s, Shawnee (2018)
  • Eliana Seidner, Trinity, Lawrence (2018)
  • Maggie Tyner, St. James, Wichita (2018)

Questions? Contact Karen Schlabach, Youth Missioner, or 913-708-5927