Mission Trip

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world” ~Archbishop Desmond Tutu

When: July 23-30, 2019
What: Mission trip to Fairbanks, Alaska
Who: Adults, college students, and youth who have finished grades 9-12. (Note: trip is limited to 18 total participants.)
Cost: $500, includes local transportation, meals, and local housing in an AirBNB
Registration: https://edok.formstack.com/forms/alaska

We will be working with St. Matthew’s in Fairbanks, where The Rev. Betty Glover is now rector. This is the central church for the Diocese of Alaska (they don’t have a cathedral) and serves many of the surrounding villages. We will be helping them create digital archives of their historical pictures and documents and do some home and yard work for the local elders. We also plan to visit one of the nearby villages and take a day to travel to Denali National Park.

2016-07-01 11.05.23

The 2016 team making “mezcla” (cement) which literally translated means “mixture.”

Everyone pays their own way (adults, college students and youth). The Diocese and participants will not be subsidizing anyone’s participation in the trip. Fundraising is recommended as the diocese is not able to provide scholarships for this trip.

Everyone is asked to book their own flight and purchase travel insurance (typically an option if you purchase a flight through the airline’s web site). If you want to travel with one of the adults on the trip, these are their flights:

  • Karen Schlabach’s flights:
    • July 23, Delta 775/2246, KC>Minneapolis>Fairbanks, 3:34 pm – 8:38 pm
    • July 30, Delta 2246/2656, Fairbanks>Minneapolis>KC, 9:38 pm – 8:19 am (next day)
  • Will Chaney’s flights (as low as $573.25 including trip insurance):
    • July 23, Delta 2742/868/1332, KC>LAX>Seattle>Fairbanks, 3:15 pm – 11:59 pm
    • July 30, Delta 24/2881/2566, Fairbanks>Seattle>Minneapolis>KC, 1:30 am – 5:08 pm

Alaska Air and United also fly to Fairbanks, but currently Delta has the best rates. Another alternative is to fly into Anchorage and take a train to Fairbanks — just make sure you still arrive in Fairbanks on the 23rd.

Check with the airlines prior to leaving re: the most current baggage allowances. Don’t forget that any liquids in your carry-on must be in a quart size transparent bag and must be less than 3oz. in size. Be sure to have any essential medications and at least one change of clothing in your carry on. Have luggage identification inside and out of all luggage, including carry on. We will have a group luggage tag for each person’s bag to make them easy to identify as part of our group.


The 2016 Mission Team with our Honduran co-workers in front of the prayer wall we were a part of building for the week.

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