Friday @ Camp

Today’s word is Sí Se Puede.

Today campers will…

  • Learn the importance of sí se puede, putting their love for others into action.
  • Hear God’s call to work together to do good in the world.
  • Discover that being part of Christ’s body empowers us to take risks as peacemakers.

Theological Summary:  When we see our fellow humans as “other” or different from us, we move away from peace.  We are called to stand with those who are on the margins or are excluded, working for peace together.

Elementary:  In program today we focused on “Sí se Puede”. We heard the story of the Good Samaritatn using Godly Play.  In our family groups we took articles from Time for Kids and talked about ways we can bring about change.  Then we had a Good Samaritan relay race.  Our nursing staff talked about how to safely help a friend in need while keeping the friend safe and themselves.  Then we decorated Band-Aids and ended the time with a hot-potato-like game of passing the peace.

Worship today was our closing Eucharist.  We decorated our space with our footprint masterpieces and Peace masterpieces.  We took our foot washing towels from earlier in the week and used them as the altar frontal.

Our evening activity was a talent show.  Campers performed skits, sang songs, played instruments and shared their many talents. Cabin Counselors also gave each camper an award.

Elementary Friday Y-Time Activities (Campers choose one each hour)
9:45am: Horses, Boating, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Fishing, Gaga ball
11:00am: Waterfront
3:45pm: Swing, Skate, Biking Horses, Shelter Building, Rec Games

Junior High: We did Sí Se Puede Olympics.  Each of the family groups made their Olympic flag. We talked about the Good Samaritan and how its not about them but about us.  The Olympics was meant to be a bridging between countries.  The families competed in some Olympic relays. Afterwards we met in family groups to talk about being there for each other amidst our differences.

For worship today we celebrated the Eucharist.  Father Andrew O’Connor, Junior High Chaplain, gave a short sermon on loving our neighbor and then had a “Stump the Priest” session with the campers.  We sang some songs as well.

Our evening activity was the dance!  Cabin counselors also gave each camper an award.

Junior High Friday Y-Time Activities (Campers choose one each hour)
11:00am: Zip line, Canoeing, Creeking, Basketball, Fishing, Horses
2:30pm: Arts & Crafts, Biking, Archery, Shelter Building, Waterfront
5:00pm: Swing, Horses, 9-Square, Arts & Crafts, Gaga ball, Low Ropes

Senior High: We started program with an exercise called “All Together Now”.  Campers had to be palm-to-palm and do everything connected. We learned about Cesar Chavez and his work with farmers.  In family groups we looked at different scenarios and whether they were inconveniences or injustices and then shared their discussion with the group.

Worship today was a Eucharist up at High-Y celebrating the graduating seniors.

Our evening activity was the dance!  Cabin counselors also gave each camper an award.

Senior High Friday Y-Time Activities (Campers choose one each hour)
9:45am: Zip Line, Arts & Crafts, Biking, Skate, Yoga, Preston Hike
2:30pm:  Horses, High Ropes, Canoeing, Watefront, Gaga ball
3:45pm:  Quad Time, Gaga ball, Dodgeball

Friday Meals:
Breakfast-Pancakes, sausage (there’s always cereal, yogurt and fruit)
Lunch- Taco Salad
Dinner- Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed vegetables, rolls, corn, salad and cake

Thursday @ Camp

Elementary:On the theme of Heiwa: balanced peace.  We talked about balancing care for others and caring for ourselves.  We talked about the greatest commandment and loving with our heart, soul, mind and strength.  We played games with balloons where we had to balance balloons on our heads and hands to illustrate balancing our love and care.  Then we walked around the room with pieces of paper on our backs and campers and staff wrote nice messages to each other’s backs.  We ended our time together making peace paper cranes.

In worship today we did prayer stations focused on healing and centering prayer.

Our evening activity was a beach party down at the lake.

Thursday Elementary Y-Times (Campers choose one each hour)
9:45am            Rockwall, Boating, Swing, Initiative Games, Soccer, Arts & Crafts
11:00am          Waterfront
3:45pm            Swing, Gaga ball, Nature Hike, Horses, Stream Expedition, Basketball

Junior High:We talked about balancing love between ourselves, others and God and what that looks like.  We started our time with a 5-minute guided meditation on letting go of some of the things crowding our minds.  The activity we did was a tension game with balancing a ball on a paper plate by pulling strings from the paper plate.

Our worship today was a healing service.  Campers took Band-Aids and wrote their hurts on them.  Then we spread out the Band-Aids and campers could come and look at the Band-Aids and pray for the different hurts their fellow campers are experiencing.

Our evening activity was a Talent Show.  Campers performed skits, sang, played instruments, danced and showed off their many talents.

Thursday Junior High Y-Times (Campers choose one each hour)
11:00am          Zip Line, Canoeing, 9-Square, Fire Building, Board Games
2:30pm            Expedition Hike, Fishing, Yoga, Archery, Waterfront
5:00pm            Swing, Horses, Basketball, Arts & Crafts, Preston Hike, Low Ropes

Senior High:We started program by doing a group brainstorming activity called “Who is my neighbor?” and listed all the different kinds of neighbors.  Then we are going to pray over that list using the scripture of the day saying “we love our neighbors as ourselves”.  Then campers made a list of all the negative things that they say about themselves and then we prayed over that list saying “Jesus calls us to love ourselves even when we are…” We learned about “Heiwa” and Abby Zimmerman shared a reflection on the paper cranes.  In family groups we made paper cranes and made a list of things that we have in common but cannot see.  Then we mixed up the groups and came up with something that is unique about themselves that no one else in the group has.  Then the family groups came back together and read the list of unique qualities and tried to guess who it was describing.

For worship we had our Healing Service.  There were different prayer stations set up: finger labyrinths, coloring, paper for journaling, prayer stations where a camper could pray with another camper, Icons and campfire contemplation.

Our evening activity was a Talent Show.  Campers performed skits, sang, played instruments, danced and showed off their many talents.

Thursday Senior High Y-Times (Campers choose one each hour)
9:45am            Archery, Arts & Crafts, Biking, Fishing, Gaga ball
2:30pm            Horses, High Ropes, Zip Line, Soccer, Arts & Crafts, Canoe, Waterfront
3:45pm            Quad Time, Gaga ball, Speedball

Thursday Meals:
Breakfast- Coffee Cake (there’s also always fruit, cereal and yogurt available)
Lunch- Hamburgers, Chips, Baked Beans, Watermelon (There’s always salad)
Dinner- Forkless Spaghetti, steamed vegetables, garlic bread (There’s always salad)

Wednesday @ Camp

Today, campers will…

  • Discover agape: God’s great love for us.
  • Come to believe that God’s peace with us can be seen in Jesus’ sacrificial love.
  • Come to follow Jesus’ example as humble servant.

Theological Summary:Jesus, as our human example of God’s love, gives us a glimpse into the depth of agape. We can keep trying to love like Jesus and know that we are forgiven whenever we fall short.

 Elementary: We did rotation stations centering on the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. The stations were footprints with paint and washing, soap putty, and Mother Casey led a station on telling the story of the foot washing.

The evening activity before dinner and the Mega Eucharist was yard games and S’mores.

Elementary Y-Times (Campers picked one each hour)
9:45am            Horses, Boating, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Fishing and Gaga ball
11:00am          Waterfront
3:45pm            Rockwall, Gaga ball, Fossil Pit, Swing, Shelter building, Rec Games

Junior High:In program today we talked about Agape.  We focused on how we communicate Agape and love languages.  In family groups we did a Love Language quiz to determine our love language.  Then there were stations around the 5 love languages:

Quality time: making paper cranes, prayer mandalas
Acts of Service: Family group leaders filling up water bottles for the campers
Words of Affirmation: Writing words of Affirmation to each other
Gift Giving: Giving Skittles to each other
Physical Touch: Foot washing station

During our usual worship time we held Youth Commission elections and talked about upcoming youth events.

Junior High Y-Times (Campers picked one each hour)
11:00am          Zip line, Canoe, 9-Square, Drama, Basketball, Fire Building
2:30pm            Stream Expedition, Biking, Archer, Hike, Waterfront
5:00pm            Rockwall, Horses, Soccer, Arts &

Senior High: We started our program with singing and then we talked about the Peace prayer from St. Francis and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives. Then we talked about the scripture of the day: John 13, Jesus washes the disciples’ feet.  In family groups we talked about different ways that we show love and then categorized them into the four different kinds of love: philia, eros, storge, agape and discussed different ways to apologize and practiced them. We also talked about ways to forgive, relating back to Ubuntu.  We ended the program time with a video about a guy who with his friend became homeless and what they experienced particularly in churches.

Wednesday’s Videos:

Our evening activity was the annual cardboard boat regatta.  You can check out a Live video of the competition on our Instagram page: EDOKyouth

Senior High Y-Times (Campers choose one each hour)
9:45am            Zip Line, Arts & Crafts, Skateboarding, Team Building, Preston Hike, Biking
2:30pm            Hourses, Tower, Canoe, High Ropes, Gaga ball, Waterfront
3:45pm            Quad Time, Gaga ball, Cricket

All Camps gathered for the Mega Eucharist up at High-Y after dinner.  Christian Parker and Riley Demo, high school seniors, gave the sermon. Campers from all the age groups served as readers, intercessors, oblationers and chalice bearers.  The youth band Mustard Seeds had musicians and vocalists from all three age-groups helping to lead music.  It was a beautiful service and gathering of all the camps.  You can check out a live video taken of the service on the Episcopal Youth Facebook page.

Wednesday Meals:
Breakfast- Eggs and Hash browns (there’s also always fruit, cereal and yogurt available)
Lunch- Sandwiches, chips, snap peas, veggies and hummus (there’s also always salad)
Supper- Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry, rice, egg rolls, fruit (there’s also always salad)

Tuesday @ Camp

Today’s word is Shalom.

Today, campers will…

  • Understand that conflict happens in all communities.
  • Acknowledge the truth that conflict can lead to brokenness.
  • Learn that we can move from brokenness to shalom.
  • Understand that peace requires effort and happens over time.

 Theological Summary: Our human desire for more puts us in conflict and moves us away from God’s dream.  Today, campers find ways to heal the brokenness resulting from conflict.

Elementary:We did a bible theater presentation on the story of Jacob and Esau on finding peace in tough conflict and how that can be a lot of work.  We put together puzzles in our family groups to talk about strategies we use to solve conflict with people in our own lives.  Lastly, we did a project called, “Inner Peace”. Each camper sat quietly on their own and tore pieces of construction paper and then used those pieces to create something new symbolizing how our brokenness is used to create.

For worship we did an instructed Eucharist to prepare for the Mega Eucharist on Wednesday night when the whole camp comes together to worship.

The evening activity was movie night with popcorn! We watched Ratatouille.

Elementary Y-Times (Campers picked one each hour)

9:45 am           Rockwall, Canoeing, Skateboarding, Dance, Soccer and Arts & Crafts
11:00am          Waterfront
3:45 pm           Swing, Gaga ball, Biking, Horses, Creeking and Basketball

Junior High:We talked about Shalom and the story of Jacob and Esau.  Our activities about power and responsibility.  Family groups were given ingredients to make dirt and worms (pudding and gummy worms) but not all the ingredients.  Campers then had to use Shalom to cooperate with each other to give and receive the rest of the tools and ingredients they needed to make the pudding.

For worship we did evening prayer.  Abby Zimmerman, Junior High Program Director, shared a reflection about paper cranes and their meaning of peace and Shalom.

The evening activity was Gold Rush, a crazy camp game with sheriffs, bandits, bankers and competition between family groups.

Junior High Y-Times (Campers picked one each hour)

11:00am          Tower, Canoe, Skateboarding, Gaga ball, Soccer, Horses
2:15 pm           EXTREME Hike, Biking, Archery, Fishing, Waterfront
5:00pm            Swing, Horses, Basketball, Arts & Crafts, Preston Hike, Dodgeball

Senior High:We talked about Shalom.  In family groups the campers discussed how people control and use power and wrote it on construction paper.  Then they ripped that up and used the pieces along with other “found items” to create a Peace design called “Beauty from Brokenness.”  Program time ended by talking about civil rights activists that we don’t often think of and how these people work in the background for justice.

Video from program Tuesday: Today’s Video

For worship we worked on our prayers for people in our lives that we struggle to love.  We wrote characteristics that we have in common with these people.  Then we took band-aids and wrote our hurts on them.  We ended our time together with Evening Prayer on the back porch of Ritchie looking out over the Flint Hills.

The evening activity was movie night with popcorn!  We watched Spider-man into the Spider-verse.

Senior High Y-Times (Campers picked one each hour)

9:45am            Archery, Biking, Fishing, Gaga ball and Horses
2:30pm            Canoe, Horses, Low Ropes, Soccer, High ropes and Waterfront
3:45pm            Quad Time, 9-square, Soccer

Tuesday Meals:

Breakfast – French Toast (there’s also always fruit, cereal and yogurt available)
Lunch – Sloppy Joes, Pickles and Green Beans (there’s also always salad)
Supper – Red Beans and Rice, Green Beans, Cookies (there’s also always salad)

Monday @ Camp

Monday @ Camp

Monday’s word was Ubuntu- “a person is a person through other persons.” Ubuntu comes from an African philosophy that embraces community, unity, and interdependence. The idea is expressed in many Bantu languages.  It is a concept very difficult to convey in the English language.  The meaning most attributed to it is from the Zulu language: I am who I am because of you, you are who you are because of who we are together.

Monday’s Theological Summary:Archbishop Desmond Tutu explains ubuntu as: “a person is a person through other persons.”  This echoes Paul’s lessons about the body of Christ, and how we need each other to express the full vision of God.

Today, campers will…

  • Recognize value in themselves and others as children of God.
  • Know they are interwoven members of the body of Christ.
  • Commit to nurture their camp community.
  • Experience ubuntu through shared joys and challenges.

Elementary:Campers focused on the 1 Corinthians scripture about the Body of Christ and watched a video about Mr. Potato Head and all the parts of the body.  Then campers made mirrors and wrote out their strengths that help build up their families.

For worship the campers went around the camp and blessed different areas that we gather throughout camp: the worship space in Jones, Arts & Crafts area, the Gaga pit (to represent all our recreational spaces), nurses’ cabin, cabins and the dining hall (Ritchie).

The evening activity was Gold Rush, a crazy camp game with sheriffs, bandits, bankers, and competition between cabins.

Elementary Y-Times (Campers picked one each hour)
9:45 am           Horses, Boating, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Fishing, Gaga Ball
11:00 am         Waterfront
3:45 pm           Rockwall, Horses, Biking, Indoor Games, Fossil Pit, Rec Games

Junior High:Campers talked about how the gifts of each person help build up the Body of Christ. Then in their family groups the campers performed skits that when performed one after the other created the full story of the birth of Christ.

For worship we did a daily prayer service from the Book of Common Prayer from the Church of Ireland.  Campus Program Assistant, Will Chaney, led a devotion on the word “Ubuntu” and sang some songs.

The evening activity was movie night with popcorn!  We watched Spider-man into the Spider-verse.

Junior High Y-Times (Campers picked one each hour)
11:00 am         Rock Wall, Canoeing, Basketball, Fishing, Teambuilding, Gaga
2:15 pm           Swim Test, Archery, Nature Expedition, Arts & Crafts, Biking
5:00 pm           Alpine Tower, Horses, Soccer, Arts & Crafts, Low Ropes, Gaga

Senior High:We started with a cup stack game where everyone in the family group had a string and had to pull them to stack cups together.  Then we looked at a clip from the Avengers movie about teamwork.  We talked a little bit about Archbishop Tutu and the meaning behind Ubuntu and how each person makes the whole.  In family groups everyone got a Jenga block and wrote their spiritual gifts on them and then we stacked them up together in one strong stack.  Then the campers went outside and observed how parts of creation contribute to the whole and they wrote down prayers on flash cards and added them to the prayer line. We closed program time by saying: “Ubuntu means community!”

For worship we sat in a huge circle.  Mother Kelly had us look at our hands and think of the people who have influenced our lives and those who we have influenced.  Then everyone held hands and we talked about the kingdom of God and how all those people are part of the kingdom.  Still in the circle we passed communion around saying, “I am because you are.”

The evening activity was game night and we had an Avengers Endgame theme.  Every family group was given a gauntlet and had to earn Infinity Stones at different activities: Thor Hammer Throw, Black Widow’s Web, Hawkeye’s Bow and Arrow, Quidditch, Ninja, Captain America de-thaw T-shirt and Hulk Shaving Cream Smash.

Senior High Y-Times (Campers picked one each hour)
9:30 am           Swing, Biking, Skating, Arts & Crafts, Teambuilding, Preston Hike
2:15 pm           Swim Test, Canoeing, Alpine, Hike, Horses
3:45 pm           Quad Time, Gaga ball, Basketball

Monday Meals:
Breakfast- Biscuits and Gravy (there’s also always, fruit, cereal and yogurt available)
Lunch- Meatball Subs and pasta salad (there’s also always salad)
Dinner- Macaroni and Cheese and Steamed Broccoli (there’s also always salad)

Sunday @ Camp

After registration each age-group met together and were welcomed into their gathering space with a lei and the word of the day “Aloha”.  Adult staff introduced themselves and reviewed the Community Covenant.  Campers participated in group games and team building activities in their cabin groups.  They also signed up for their first Y-time and E-time activities for Monday.  Dinner was at 6:15, we had tater tot casserole, corn, grapes, and salad.  After supper, each camp began program for the week.  All three camps are following an educational/formational program with the same themes and readings each day.  Each camper is assigned to a “family group” with two adult leaders that they will meet with every day for activities and discussion.

Sunday’s Theological Summary: In this passage, Luke 14:15-24, Jesus tells the story of a host who extends radical hospitality to his community, a hospitality out of the ordinary.

Today, campers will…

  • Feel welcome in the spirit of aloha.
  • Know that they are invited to this place.
  • Recognize the gift of being at camp this week.
  • Recognize that the table is filled with people who are different.

Elementary: We spent our program time with cabins to help build those relationships on our first day of camp.  We learned about the meaning of covenant from Mother Casey, Elementary Camp Chaplain. We developed our own cabin covenants to have a safe, successful and happy time at camp.  We played the “Peace” game which is rock-paper-scissors but with “rainbow, crane and peace sign”.  We took time to talk about how we feel when we are included and invited to do something. Campers also talked about the reasons and feelings which cause us to hold back from welcoming.  Mother Casey led us in the staff offering a blessing over the campers and in turn the campers offering a blessing over the staff.

Junior High: Middle schoolers and staff gathered together for the first time after registration and did some large group games.  The campers went over the community covenant and then Father Andrew, Junior High Chaplain, led us in our first Eucharist as a camp.  After dinner, we sang songs, and went over the scripture of the day and talked about the word “Aloha” and how it not only means hello but “welcome and I love you”.  Then we broke into family groups and made prayers for each other and created invitations for those who typically feel less welcomed and attached them to the prayer line.  Junior High ended the day with singing and Compline.

Senior High: The youth Mustard Seeds band lead us in singing to start off our time together.  Campers spent time in their cabin groups doing team building activities and made water bottle lanyards out of paracord. Then in the evening after dinner, campers divided up into their family groups for the first time and did a get-to-know-you game and created a family poster using post-its to create a pineapple to symbolize welcoming and hospitality.  They also came up with their family group names:

The Fine Apples
The Hippie Ghandiites
The Pineapple Dawgs
The Tropics
Peace of Cake
We Are Ditty

We talked about the scripture and how Jesus showed radical hospitality and then made prayer bracelets with the name of each person in their family.

Camp Program 2019

Here is an overview of what we’ll be learning about at Episcopal Summer Mega Camp this year!

Crane Title and Hands CLRPeace Works welcomes campers in the hospitable spirit of aloha and invites them to find their place at the table of the parable of the Great Banquet. Then we celebrate our covenantal community by exploring ubuntu and what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. As the community grows closer, they will name the reality of conflict, as stories of Jacob and Esau remind us of our ability to contribute both to conflict and peacemaking. Shalom calls us out of conflict, to find peace with God and each other. Jesus shows us what God’s agape love looks like and how it reconciles us to God, even when we are unaware or do not fully understand. We try to model the vulnerable love and humble service of Jesus, demonstrated in washing the disciples’ feet, as we seek peace with others. The Japanese concept of heiwa invites us to also look within as we work for peace, putting harmony over competition to find peace within our own hearts. Balancing our love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self is not easy, but it is at the core of Christian living. As we strive to live in harmony, the good Samaritan’s story reminds us that brokenness is real, and that there is work to be done by all God’s people. We are called to work together, with our God-given potential to change the world. Sometimes we doubt the difference we are making, and the cry of sí se puede® (yes, we can) reminds us of our full potential as people of God. As we prepare to leave camp, we revisit the concept of aloha, and receive Jesus’ benediction and promise of peace that will remain with us always. We remember that the same Spirit that welcomed us, has dwelt with us, and now sends and accompanies us in our peace works at home.

Daily Themes: Diversity of Voices
Each daily theme invites campers to think about peace and peacemaking from a different perspective. Various cultural and ethnic expressions and voices are brought together to make peace more than a clichéd dream. The hospitality of aloha, connectivity of ubuntu, self-awareness of heiwa, and the passion of sí se puede® remind us that peace pushes us to change, grow, and unite.

  • Day 1: Aloha / Hospitality / Luke 14: Great Banquet
  • Day 2: Ubuntu / Community / 1 Corinthians 12:1–27: Body of Christ
  • Day 3: Shalom / Responding to Conflict / Genesis 27:1–26: Jacob and Esau’s Conflict
  • Day 4: Agape / God’s Reconciling Love / John 13:1–17: Last Supper and Foot Washing
  • Day 5: Heiwa / Self-sacrifice for Unity of All / Mark 12:28–31: Great Commandment
  • Day 6: Sí Se Puede®  / Active Peacemaking / Luke 10:25–29: Good Samaritan
  • Day 7: Aloha / Going Out / John 14:25–27: My Peace I Give to You

Register for camp here: