Safe Church

Training Requirements
All adult volunteers for Diocesan Youth Events must take the Safeguarding God’s Children course every three years. Also, anyone in a parish who regularly works with children or youth needs to take the course once every three years. The course is offered in-person periodically throughout the year and also online. For a complete list of training requirements, see: safe church training requirements.

Michele Moss, Assistant to the Canon, maintains a list of names and dates for everyone who has completed Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People. You can e-mail her at to check on the date you, or someone in your parish, last received training.

Online Training Available
To be set-up to take the course online, e-mail the Associate for Youth & Campus Ministry your name, parish, email and date of birth and she will send you instructions. Each person who takes online training must be set-up with an account to access the courses and later to verify that they completed the training.

If you’d like to schedule an in-person training at your parish, contact one of the Certified Trainers in the diocese.

To become a certified trainer, you just need to observe a certified trainer when they lead a session; then have them observe you leading a session. All certified trainers need to turn in the names and parishes of people who’ve completed training to Michele Moss in the diocesan office at

Specialized Training
People who work directly with children and youth may need to complete additional specialized training. Check the appendix in the Safe Church policy for a list of positions and their training requirements. To complete the training, watch the video available at the link below, then take the quiz available at the end of the video.

Safe Church policy
This document is intended to provide information and resources that will help congregations protect children, youth, adults, clergy, staff, and our organizations and institutions.

In addition to guidelines for protecting Children and Youth, the policy includes information regarding Sexual Harassment and Sexual Exploitation, and has a “Computer, Electronic Communication and Social Media” section with recommendations. There are also appendixes with sample reference check questions and a sample children and youth permission form. You may wish to consider having your volunteers sign a form indicating they have read and understand the appropriate Code of Conduct for their ministry.

Episcopal Diocese of Kansas Safe Church Policy (PDF) – New in 2019

Reporting misconduct:
When you observe, experience or even just suspect inappropriate behaviors, it’s important to tell someone. That might be the youth missioner, a church warden, clergy-person, or even the bishop. You can make your report by any means that you feel comfortable, whether formal or informal, and all complaints will be investigated promptly and with as much confidentiality as the situation allows.

The diocesan intake officer who is charged with investigating all complaints is Mr. Mike Morrow from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Wichita. He can be reached at 316-686-0956 or

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