Text Messages

Parents and youth can now sign up to receive text messages from the Youth Missioner. These will include event registration reminders as well as occasional spiritual encouragements. 🙂

Parents and Youth, to sign-up, send a text message to 81010 and include as the body of your text one of the following codes:

  • High School Seniors and their parents send @edok2016
  • High School Juniors and their parents send @edok2017
  • High School Sophomores and their parents send @edok2018
  • High School Freshmen and their parents send @edok2019
  • 8th graders and their parents send @edok2020
  • 7th graders and their parents send @edok2021
  • 6th graders and their parents send @edok2022

Parents, you can join as many lists as you want to make sure you get message sent to all of your children.

Not a parent or a youth? You can join by sending a message to 81010 with the code @edokother

Remind101 provides a safe way for teachers, youth workers, etc. to text message students and stay in touch with parents, for free!  The Youth Missioner will never see students’ phone numbers. Students won’t see the Youth Missioner’s. Remind101 is a oneway broadcast system. The Youth Missioner cannot send individual messages to students or parents, and students/parents cannot reply. Remind101 also keeps a log of all message history, which can never be edited or deleted.

Want to stop receiving texts?

  • To be removed from all classes that you’re signed up for, you reply ‘ stop ‘ to any Remind phone number.
  • To be removed from only one class, you reply “unsubscribe @code” to the Remind phone number. So if, for example, the code for the class you no longer wanted to be in was “edok2016” you would text: unsubscribe @edok2016.
  • You can also retrieve these instructions by texting ‘ help ‘ to any Remind message at anytime.

Questions? Contact the Youth Missioner.

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