10 questions you can ask your child about Miqra 2018

  1. What tribe were you in? who else was in your tribe? who was your tribe leader?
    All youth and adults are assigned to a small group for the weekend called a tribe. They are named after the 12 tribes of Israel.
  2. Did you read the Bible this weekend? What book(s) did you read? Do you remember what it was about? Did you read by yourself or with a friend? How many times did you read? Did you ever read in the middle of the night?
  3. What workshops did you go to? Why did you pick that workshop? What did you learn? Which workshop did you like better?
    We offered two workshop times, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Youth could select which workshop they wanted to attend. The choices were:
    The prophet Isaiah, led by The Very Rev. Patrick Funston, St. Paul’s, Manhattan
    The Apocrypha, led by Mr. Mike Morrow, St. John’s, Wichita
    Difficult & Confusing parts of the Bible, led by The Rev. Canon Torey Lightcap
    Bible Translations, led by The Rev. Casey Rohleder, St. Luke’s, Wamego
    The Gospels, led by The Rev. Katie Knoll Lenon, St. Luke’s, Shawnee
    Homosexuality and the Bible, led by Mr. Dillon Green, intern at K-State Canterbury House (this was offered for high school students only, several of our middle school students were very upset about that!)
  4. What’s in the Bible? What types of literature are in the Bible? Who wrote the Bible? What are some other names for the New and Old Testament?
    On Saturday we have a session called Bible 101 where we answer these questions. Afterwords, the Junior High Students went on a Bible photo safari and the Senior High students compared and contrasted the two stories of creation in Genesis.
  5. What’s the story in the bible?
    On Saturday, tribes competed to put 16 events from the Bible in the correct chronological order (how did your child’s tribe do?). We also looked at some tl;dr versions of the Bible (ask them if they remember what that abbreviation means!).
  6. How many people did you turn into Zombies?
    On Saturday night, we played a crazy zombie game! (Many thanks to Megan Upton Tyner, a high school speech and theater teacher who also regularly leads our junior high camp.)
  7. Which prayer stations did you try? which was your favorite? Was it difficult to stay quiet for the full time?
    On Saturday night after the crazy game, we set up 8 prayer stations in the nave. We asked the students to put their phones on the altar and be completely silent for about 50 minutes and take their time to experience the stations.
  8. Why should I read the Bible? How do Episcopalians interpret the Bible? Why is it confusing to read/interpret the Bible literally? What Bible verse did your tribe study/skit? What questions do you still have about the Bible?
    On Sunday, we have a session called Bible 102 where we answer these questions. Afterwords, Junior High students prepared a skit on one of the funniest stories of the Bible and Senior High students used a Bible commentary to study a passage from Acts.
  9. What did you learn in the anti-racism training session? When did you first learn racism existed? Do you have any questions about your family heritage? Was there a story shared that stood out for you?
    Sunday night, Mrs. Teresa Ryther, Christian Formation coordinator at Good Shepherd in Wichita, led the tribes through some discussion questions from the diocesan anti-racism training.
  10. Which movie did you choose to watch? why did you pick that one?
    Sunday night, we offered one movie in the Nave and one in the Parish Hall and youth could pick which one they wanted to watch.

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